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Organ Building for Amateurs


Mark Wicks

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ISBN-13/EAN: 978-1-902222-21-9
ISBN-10: 1-902222-21-0
Titel: Organ Building for Amateurs
Autor: Mark Wicks
Preis: 50,95€
Beschreibung: This book contains details of how to make the various parts of a pipe organ, including, the key and stop action, key-boards, pipes, bellows and the case. It also contains information on defects and their cures, and on tuning.
Seiten: viii 220
Auslieferbar: an Lager
Format: Hard Back (Library Quality Cloth) A5
Illustrationen: 208 b&w, fold out plates
Datum: 2004, rev. 2011
Auflage: New edition of 1887 edition
Sprache: English
Verlag: Bardon Enterprises
Probeseite: PDF
Umschlagseite: Umschlagseite

Table of contents :-

I. Tools and appliances-specifications new method of making pipes.
II. Wood pipes.
III. Pipes of metal-casting bench and casting box - metal for pipes - melting metal - necessary tools - scale for cutting metal for pipes-formation of sheet metal into pipes.
IV. Reed pipes.
V. Sound-board, wind-chest, pallets, etc.
VI. The bellows.
VII. The building frame and manual action.
VIII. The key-board.
IX. The stop action and couplers.
X. The pedal organ : sound-board, and pedal key-board.
XI. Pedal action : coupler great to pedals.
XII. The swell, etc.-venetian swell-gridiron swell-box swell-tremlant.
XIII. Voicing and toning - defects and their remedies.
XIV. Tuning.
XV. The case-pipe decorations.
XVI. Defects generally-list of stops and their combinations-additional specifications.

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