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Compositions by A. Chauvet

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Biography of A. Chauvet

Chauvet, Charles Alexis. Studied at the Paris Conservatory, 1850-60, under François Benoist (organ) and Ambrose Thomas (composition). Organist of St. Thomas-d’Aquin’s, Paris; St. Bernard’s-de-la-Chapelle, Paris, 1863; St. Merry’s, 1866; St. Trìnité’s, Paris, 1869-1871. Renowned for his organ improvisations. Composed organ and piano pieces. b. Marnes, near Paris, France, June 7th, 1837; d. Argentan, Jan. 28th, 1871.

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Chauvet, Charles Alexis (1837-1871)
Funeral Prelude BE01226 In preparation
Marche Religieuse pour la Procession du Saint Sacrement
Title: Marche Religieuse pour la Procession du Saint Sacrement
Composer: A. Chauvet
Price: US$8.99
Availability: In Stock
Pages: 6
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-0442-0
Published: 02-Nov-2004Add to basket
BE00442 US$8.99 add
Offertoire in B flat
Title: Offertoire in B flat
Composer: A. Chauvet
Price: US$10.99
Availability: In Stock
Pages: 12
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-1224-1
Published: 11-Jan-2019Add to basket
BE01224 US$10.99 add
Offertoire in in A BE01225 In preparation

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