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Chipp, Dr Edmund Thomas (1823-1886)
Four Pieces 1: “O Sanctissima” with two variations and finale BE00047 £6.49 add
Four Pieces 2: Andante con moto BE00048 £5.49 add
Four Pieces 3: Intermezzo BE00049 £5.49 add
Four Pieces 4: Fugue in A minor BE00050 £5.49 add
Twenty-four Sketches (1: Andante Religioso; 2: In Memoriam M.F.G.C; 3: Con moto; 4: Adagio ma non troppo; 5: Con moto molto tranquillo; 6: Andante tranquillo; 7: Andante e molto Sostenuto; 8: Con moto ma non troppo presto; 9: Con moto molto tranquillo; 10: Canzonet; 11: Lento; 12: Pastorale; 13: In Memoriam F.M.B.; 14: Larghetto; 15: Moderato e Tranquillo; 16: Andante con Moto; 17: Moderato e Sostenuto; 18: Andante ma non troppo; 19: In Memoriam M.F.G.C.; 20: Grazioso; 21: Andante Maestoso e con energetico; 22: Moderato e legato; 23: Andante e Sostenuto; 24: Ave Maria) (Op. 11) (hard-back) BE00639 £32.99 add
Variations on “God Preserve the Emperor” (“Austria”) (Op. 2) BE00223 £11.49 add
Variations on “The Harmonious Blacksmith” (Op. 1) BE00224 £7.49 add
Costa, Sir Michael Andrew Agnus (1808-1884)
March of Israelites (from the Oratorio “Eli”) (arr. by Edmund T. Chipp) BE00928 £5.99 add
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Jakob Ludwig Felix (1809-1847)
Adagio from the 3rd symphony (arr. by E. T. Chipp) BE01190 In preparation

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