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Biography of Alfred Hollins

Alfred Hollins

Hollins, Alfred. Hon.Mus.D. (Edinburgh, 1922); Hon.F.R.C.O. Blind organist. Studied at the Wilberforce Institution, York, under William Barnby, 1874-77; the Royal Normal College for the Blind, Upper Norwood, London, under F. J. Campbell, Fritz Hartvigson (piano), and Dr Edward J. Hopkins (organ), 1878; in Berlin under Hans von Bülow who described him as one “of those rare and true musicians among pianoforte virtuosi”, 1885. Organist of St. John’s, Redhill, London, 1884-88; the People’s Palace, London, 1888-; St. Andrew’s (Presbyterian), Upper Norwood, London, 1888-97; St. George’s (United Free), Edinburgh, Scotland, 1897-1942. Professor of piano and organ at the Royal Normal College for the Blind, Upper Norwood, London, 1888. Was responsible for the specifications of the organ in Johannesburg Town Hall, built by Norman & Beard (giving opening recital, 1916), and Caird Hall, Dundee, built by Harrison & Harrison; also organs in Belfast and Edinburgh. Played the Beethoven Pianoforte Concerto in E-flat under Manns at the Crystal Palace; before Queen Victoria at Windsor, 1882; toured the United States, 1885, 1888; played a series of recitals at Sydney Town Hall in 1904; toured New Zealand, 1904; South Africa, 1907, 1909; U.S.A., 1926. Composed organ music, songs, anthems, piano music, &c. b. Hull, England, Sep. 11th, 1865; d. Edinburgh, Scotland, May 17th, 1942.

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Hollins, Alfred (1865-1942)
A Benediction (Wedding Souvenir) BE01045 £5.49 add
A Song of Sunshine BE00945 £6.49 add
A Trumpet Minuet BE00946 £7.49 add
Adagio BE00947 £4.99 add
Allegretto Grazioso in A BE00948 £6.49 add
Andante in D BE00949 £6.99 add
Barcarolle BE01044 £6.49 add
Benediction Nuptiale - “H.E.B” BE00950 £5.49 add
Berceuse in C BE00951 £6.99 add
Berceuse in E BE00889 £4.99 add
Bourrée BE01046 £7.99 add
Bridal March in B flat (Barnby’s “O perfect Love”) BE00952 £6.99 add
Cantilène in A flat BE00953 £6.99 add
Christmas Cradle Song (“Adeste Fideles”) BE00954 £5.49 add
Communion in D BE00955 £6.49 add
Communion in E flat BE00890 £5.49 add
Concert Overture in C BE00956 £8.99 add
Concert Overture in C minor BE00957 £8.49 add
Concert Overture in F minor BE00958 £8.49 add
Concert Rondo BE00986 £8.49 add
Concert Toccata in B flat BE01047 £8.99 add
Elegy in E minor BE00498 £4.99 add
Epithalamium BE01048 £5.99 add
Evening Rest BE00987 £6.49 add
Finale (En forme d’Ouverture) BE00959 £5.99 add
Funeral March in G minor BE00891 £4.99 add
Grand Chœur No 1 in G BE00960 £7.49 add
Grand Chœur No 2 in C BE00961 £6.49 add
In Springtime (Pastorale) BE00962 £6.99 add
Intermezzo in D flat BE00963 £7.49 add
Introductory Voluntary BE00892 £5.49 add
King Edward Coronation March in C BE00964 £6.49 add
Maytime Gavotte BE01003 £7.49 add
Meditation in C BE00965 £6.99 add
Melody in A flat BE00966 £5.99 add
Minuet BE01049 £7.99 add
Morceau de Concert BE00967 £8.99 add
Morning & Evening (1: Morning in B flat; 2: Evening in F) BE00893 £4.99 add
Morning Song BE00988 £6.49 add
Nocturne in B flat BE00894 £6.49 add
Pastorale in F BE00968 £5.49 add
Pastorale in G BE00895 £4.99 add
Postlude in D BE00896 £6.49 add
Prayer in A flat BE00897 £4.99 add
Prelude in A BE00898 £4.99 add
Prelude in C BE01136 £5.49 add
Prelude in G BE01137 £4.49 add
Romanza BE00990 £5.99 add
Scherzo BE00989 £7.49 add
Siciliana BE01050 £4.99 add
Spring Song in A flat BE00969 £6.49 add
Theme with Variations and Fugue BE00985 £8.99 add
Triumphal March BE00984 £8.49 add
Wedding March in C BE00899 £5.99 add

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