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Biography of Édouard Silas

Silas, Édouard. Studied in Paris with Kalkbrenner, François Benoist and Halévy; at the Paris Conservatoire, gaining first prize for organ, 1849. Organist of the Catholic Chapel, Kingston-on-Thames. Settled in England, 1850. Professor at the Guildhall School of Music, London. Composed cantatas, church music, organ pieces, orchestral and chamber music, piano pieces, songs, &c. b. Amsterdam, Holland, Aug. 22nd, 1827; d. 1909.

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Silas, Édouard (1827-1909)
Allegro Moderato (Op. 74) BE00235 £5.49
Capriccio (Op. 121) BE00236 £6.49
Fantasia on St. Ann’s tune BE00055 £6.99
March in B flat BE01197 In preparation
Meditation in an old Gothic Church BE00234 £5.49
Melody in E minor BE01195 In preparation
Moderato from Sonata in F BE00226 £7.49
Prelude in D BE01196 In preparation

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