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Biography of Sir Charles V. Stanford

<i>Sir</i> Charles V. Stanford

Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers. B.A. (Cantab, 1874), D.C.L. (Durham), M.A. (Cantab, 1877), Hon.Mus.D. (Oxon, 1883), Mus.D. (Cantab, 1888), F.R.C.O., knighted, 1903. Pupil of Arthur O’Leary (composition) and Sir Robert P. Stewart (composition); studied in Leipzig with Dr Karl Reinecke, 1875-76; and Berlin with Friedrich Kiel. Organ scholar of Queens College, Cambridge, 1870; organist of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1873-92. Professor of composition at the Royal College of Music, London, 1883; professor of music at Cambridge University, 1887-1924; conducted the Cambridge Amateur Vocal Guild; the Cambridge University Musical Society, 1873-93; Bach Choir, 1885-1903; the Leeds Philharmonic Society, 1897-; the Leeds Festival, 1903. Elected Corresponding Member of the Société des Compositeurs de Musique, Paris, 1892. Composed symphonies, oratorios, operas, cantatas, odes, incidental music, church music, orchestral music, chamber music, organ pieces, songs, piano pieces, &c. b. Dublin, Ireland, Sep. 30th, 1852; d. Marylebone, London, Mar. 29th, 1924.

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Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers (1852-1924)
Fantasia & Fugue in D minor (1: Fantasia; 2: Fugue) (Op. 103) BE00020 £8.49 add
Fantasia (In Festo Omnium Sanctorum) (Op. 121/1) BE00657 £7.99 add
Four Intermezzi 1: Pastorale (Op. 189/1) BE00022 £6.49 add
Four Intermezzi 2: Marcia Eroica (Op. 189/2) BE00038 £7.49 add
Four Intermezzi 3: Hush Song (Op. 189/3) BE00652 £5.49 add
Idyll (Op. 121/2) BE00658 £7.99 add
Idyll : By the Seashore (Op. 194/1) BE01060 £7.49 add
In modo dorico (Op. 132/1) BE00018 £5.49 add
Prelude (in form of a Chaconne) (Op. 88/2) BE00017 £6.49 add
Prelude (in form of a Minuet) (Op. 88/1) BE00653 £7.49 add
Prelude (in form of a Pastorale) (Op. 88/5) BE00655 £6.49 add
Prelude (in form of a Toccata) (Op. 88/3) BE00457 £6.99 add
Prelude (on the Easter Hymn) (Op. 88/4) BE00654 £5.49 add
Prelude (on “Tallis’ Canon”) (Op. 88/6) BE00656 £4.99 add
Six Occasional Preludes (1: At Christmas-Tide (“Adeste Fideles”); 2: Occasional; 3: At Easter-Tide (“Easter Hymn”); 4: Requiem (“Dies Iræ”); 5: Epithalmium; 6: At Even-Tide) (Op. 182) BE00572 £9.99 add
Six Short Preludes & Postludes (set 1) (1: in F; 2: in G minor; 3: in E flat; 4: in F; 5: in G - founded on an old Irish church melody - “Innocents”; 6: in E flat - founded on an old Irish church melody - “St. Columba”) (Op. 101) BE00916 £9.49 add
Six Short Preludes & Postludes (set 2) (1: in F on a theme by Organo Gibbons - ”Song 34”; 2: in G on a theme by Orlando Gibbons – “Song 22”; 3: in G; 4: in D minor on a theme of Orgando Gibbons - “Song 24”; 5: in E flat – Trio; 6: in D) (Op. 105) BE00917 £10.99 add
Sonata No 1 in F minor (1: Allegro; 2: Tempo di Menuetto; 3: Allegro maestoso) (Op. 149) BE00458 £9.99 add
Sonata No 2 “Eroica” (1: Rheims; 2: Adagio molto; 3: Verdun) (Op. 151) BE00470 £12.99 add
Sonata No 3 in D minor “Britanica” (Op 152) (1: Allegro non troppo ma con fuoco; 2: Benedictus; 3: Allegro molto e ritmico) BE00573 £12.99 add
Sonata No 4 “Celtica” (Op.153) (1: Allegro molto moderato; 2: Thema con Variazioni; 3: St. Patrick’s Breastplate) BE00505 £12.99 add
Sonata No 5 in A (Quasi una fantasia) (Op 159) BE00574 £12.99 add

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