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Calkin, George (1829-1911)
Festal March BE00025 5,49£
Callaerts, Joseph Jacques (1830-1901)
Cantilène in E flat (Op. 23/1) BE00438 5,49£
Communion (Op. 23/2) BE00439 4,49£
Marche Funèbre (Op. 29/3) BE00440 5,99£
Offertoire - Duo (Op. 29/2) BE00441 4,49£
Toccata (Op. 23/3) BE00026 6,49£
Toccata (Op. 29/1) BE00019 5,99£
Campbell, Henry (Harry) Alexander John (1856-1921)
Capocci, Filippo (1840-1911)
Andante con moto BE00248 4,99£
Offertorio BE00247 5,49£
Sonata in G (1: Allegro giusto; 2: Larghetto; 3: Finale) BE00249 8,49£
Capodaglio, Leonello (1945-)
Aria variata sul nome BACH BE00870 6,49£
Marian Garlands (1: Contemplativo; 2: Scherzando; 3: Soave; 4: Con abbandono; 5: Con anima; 6: Teneramente) (Op. 152) BE00479 7,99£
Toccata - For Adria’s Glory (Op. 200) BE00504 5,49£
Tre Litanie a Santa Rita da Cascia (1: Litania Prima; 2: Litania Seconda; 3: Litania Terza) BE00871 5,49£
Carnall, Arthur (1852-1904)
Minuet in B flat major BE01199 In Vorbereitung
Chauvet, Charles Alexis (1837-1871)
Funeral Prelude BE01226 In Vorbereitung
Marche Religieuse pour la Procession du Saint Sacrement BE00442 5,49£
Offertoire in B flat BE01224 In Vorbereitung
Offertoire in in A BE01225 In Vorbereitung
Chipp, Dr Edmund Thomas (1823-1886)
Four Pieces 1: “O Sanctissima” with two variations and finale BE00047 6,49£
Four Pieces 2: Andante con moto BE00048 5,49£
Four Pieces 3: Intermezzo BE00049 5,49£
Four Pieces 4: Fugue in A minor BE00050 5,49£
Twenty-four Sketches (1: Andante Religioso; 2: In Memoriam M.F.G.C; 3: Con moto; 4: Adagio ma non troppo; 5: Con moto molto tranquillo; 6: Andante tranquillo; 7: Andante e molto Sostenuto; 8: Con moto ma non troppo presto; 9: Con moto molto tranquillo; 10: Canzonet; 11: Lento; 12: Pastorale; 13: In Memoriam F.M.B.; 14: Larghetto; 15: Moderato e Tranquillo; 16: Andante con Moto; 17: Moderato e Sostenuto; 18: Andante ma non troppo; 19: In Memoriam M.F.G.C.; 20: Grazioso; 21: Andante Maestoso e con energetico; 22: Moderato e legato; 23: Andante e Sostenuto; 24: Ave Maria) (Op. 11) (Deckenband) BE00639 32,99£
Variations on “God Preserve the Emperor” (Op. 2) BE00223 11,49£
Variations on “The Harmonious Blacksmith” (Op. 1) BE00224 7,49£
Choisnel, Gaston (1857-1921)
Chopin, Frédérick François (1810-1849)
Nocturne in B flat minor (Op. 9/1) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00709 5,99£
Nocturne in E flat (Op. 9/2) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00677 4,99£
Nocturne in E flat (Op. 9/2) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00710 4,99£
Nocturne in F minor (Op. 55/1) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00711 5,49£
Polonaise in A (Op. 40/1) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00697 6,99£
Clark, Rev. Frederick Scotson (1840-1883)
Ave Maria BE00123 3,99£
Belgian March BE00667 6,49£
Chorus of Angels BE00113 5,49£
Commemoration March BE00100 6,49£
Fantasia in F BE00125 5,49£
Festal March BE00099 5,49£
Grand Offertoire in G BE00131 6,49£
Inauguration March BE00668 5,99£
Marche Anglaise BE00106 5,49£
Marche Militaire BE00102 5,49£
Marche aux Flambeaux BE00097 5,49£
Marche des Fantomes BE00104 5,49£
Marche des Girondins BE00665 5,99£
Marche des Jacobins BE00666 5,99£
Meditation in B flat BE00122 4,99£
Melody in A BE00121 4,49£
Offertoire en forme d’une Marche (in A) BE00120 5,99£
Pilgrims’ March BE00103 5,99£
Procession March BE00098 5,99£
Roman March BE00105 5,49£
Russian March BE00107 6,49£
Three Improvisations (1: in B flat; 2: in A; 3: in C) BE00124 5,49£
Vienna Exhibition March BE00101 6,99£
Clarke, James Hamilton Siree (1840-1912)
Andante in A flat BE01200 In Vorbereitung
Offertory (or Communion) in D major BE01201 In Vorbereitung
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel (1875-1912)
Three Impromptus (1: in F; 2: in C; 3: in A minor) BE00051 8,49£
Three Short Pieces (1: Melody; 2: Elegy; 3: Arietta) BE00982 5,49£
Collin, Charles René (1827-1911)
Adagio (Elévation) BE00443 4,49£
Communion in G BE00499 4,49£
Cooper, Alexander Samuel (1835-1900)
Corbett, Felix (1891-1940)
Rêve d’Amour BE00908 5,49£
Costa, Sir Michael Andrew Agnus (1808-1884)
March of Israelites (from the Oratorio “Eli”) (arr. by Edmund T. Chipp) BE00928 5,99£
Triumphal March (from the Oratorio “Naaman”) (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00935 6,49£
Cover, Claude Ernest (1870-1944)
Allegretto BE01232 In Vorbereitung
Cantilène BE01233 In Vorbereitung
Crackel, Harry (1876-1951)
Allegretto (in the form of an extemporization) BE01000 In Vorbereitung
Barcarolle BE00360 5,49£
Caprice in G minor BE00256 5,99£
Fantasia in C major BE00646 5,49£
Fantasia in C minor BE00467 5,99£
Grand Chorus BE00361 5,49£
Meditation BE00362 4,99£
Pastorale BE00363 4,49£
Prelude in F BE00999 In Vorbereitung
Second Caprice in B minor BE00364 5,49£
Cui, César Antonovich (1845-1909)
Berceuse (Op. 20) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00678 3,99£
Culwick, Dr James Cooksey (1845-1909)
Prayer and Praise BE01152 5,99£
Davies, Dr Henry Walford (1869-1941)
Solemn Melody (arr. by H. Walford Davies) BE00925 4,99£
Debat-Ponsan, Georges (1855-1933)
Scherzo Symphonique BE00444 7,49£
Debussy, Achille Claude (1862-1918)
Andante du quatuor (arr. by A. Guilmant) BE01221 In Vorbereitung
Arabesque No 1 (arr. by Léon Roques) BE01214 In Vorbereitung
Arabesque No 2 (arr. by Léon Roques) BE01215 In Vorbereitung
La Cathédrale Engloutie (arr. by Léon Roques) BE01216 In Vorbereitung
Le Petit Berger (arr. by Gaston Choisnel) BE01219 In Vorbereitung
Le fille aux cheveux de lin (arr. by Léon Roques) BE01220 In Vorbereitung
Petite Suite (arr. by Léon Roques) (1: En bateau; 2: Cortège; 3: Menuet; 4: Ballet) BE01217 In Vorbereitung
Prélude de l’Enfant Prodigue (arr. by Léon Roques) BE01222 In Vorbereitung
Prélude de “La Damoiselle Elue” (arr. by Gaston Choisnel) BE01218 In Vorbereitung
Degenhardt, Heinrich F. (1828-1896)
Concertstück in F minor BE00445 7,49£
Delmar, Algernon Frederick (1856-)
Dienel, Otto (1839-1905)
Adagio in D major (Op. 13/1) BE00446 4,99£
Concert-fuge in C minor (Op. 1) BE00786 6,49£
Echo-Andante (Op. 19) BE00147 5,99£
Fugue in G (Op. 2) BE00148 5,99£
d’Indy, Paul Marie Theodore Vincent (1851-1931)
Prélude et Petit Canon BE00149 4,99£
Driffield, Edward Townshend (1851-1925)
Air with Variations in B minor BE00447 6,49£
Andante con moto in E flat BE01194 In Vorbereitung
Cavatina in D (Op. 29/1) BE00603 4,49£
Driffill, William Ralph (1870-1922)
Andantino in 5-4 time (in D flat) BE00664 5,49£
Cantaline in A minor BE00382 4,49£
Intermezzo in D flat BE00383 6,49£
Minuet in C BE00384 5,49£
Suite No 1 in F minor (1: Allegro Maestoso; 2: Romance; 3: Toccata) (Op. 14) BE00301 9,49£
Suite No 2 in E minor (1: Allegro con spirito; 2: Berceuse; 3: Allegro Vivace) BE00302 9,49£
Dubois, François Clément Théodore (1837-1924)
Chant Pastoral BE00784 5,49£
Fiat Lux BE00785 6,99£
Toccata BE00783 7,49£
Duncan, William Edmondstoune (1866-1920)
Andante in C BE01153 In Vorbereitung
Berceuse BE01154 4,49£
Dirge BE01155 In Vorbereitung
Festive Piece BE01156 In Vorbereitung
Finale BE01157 In Vorbereitung
Maestoso Moderato BE01158 5,99£
March of the Rosicrucians BE00448 6,49£
Pastorale BE01159 4,49£
Postlude BE01160 In Vorbereitung
Prelude (Op. 54/1) BE01161 5,49£
Prelude on Goulimel’s “Toulon” BE01162 4,99£
Six Church Pieces (Op. 20) (1: Prelude in G; 2: Andante in C; 3: Pastorale in E major; 4: Fughetta in C; 5: Meditation in A flat; 6: Postlude in C minor) BE01163 In Vorbereitung
Six Pieces (Op. 42) (1: Ave Maria in G major; 2: Pastorale in D major; 3: March in B flat major; 4: Prelude in E flat major; 5: Fugue in E flat major; 6: Postlude in G major) BE01164 In Vorbereitung
Solemn March in C BE01165 In Vorbereitung
The Angelus BE01166 In Vorbereitung
Dunster, J. Charles
Festival March BE00932 5,99£
Dvořák, Antonin Leopold (1841-1904)
Finale from the New World Symphony (Op. 95) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00680 8,99£
Humoreske (Op. 101/7) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00679 4,49£
Dye, Alfred J. (1850-1932)
Festival March BE00934 6,49£
Eddy, Hiram Clarence (1851-1937)
Prelude & Fugue in A minor BE00909 In Vorbereitung
Edwards Dr Albert Henry (1869-1944)
Adoration BE01234 In Vorbereitung
Alla Marcia in D BE01235 In Vorbereitung
Berceuse BE01236 In Vorbereitung
Solemn March BE01237 In Vorbereitung
Elgar, Edward William (1857-1934)
Canto Popolare (arr. by A. Herbert Brewer) BE01007 4,49£
Carillon (arr. by Hugh Blair) BE01008 In Vorbereitung
Carissima (arr. by Hugh Blair) BE01009 In Vorbereitung
Chanson de Matin (Op. 15/2) (arr. by Herbert Brewer) BE00545 4,99£
Chanson de Nuit (Op. 15/1) (arr. by Herbert Brewer) BE00544 4,49£
Coronation March (1911) (arr. by A. Herbert Brewer) BE01005 In Vorbereitung
Funeral March from Grania and Diarmid (arr. by A. Herbert Brewer) BE01006 In Vorbereitung
Gavotte in A (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00547 6,49£
Idylle (Op. 4/1) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00548 4,99£
Imperial March (Op. 32) (arr. by George Martin) BE00553 6,49£
Pomp & Circumstance March No 1 (Op. 39) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00549 7,49£
Pomp & Circumstance March No 4 (Op. 39) (arr. by G. R. Sinclair) BE00554 6,99£
Prelude and Angel’s Farewell (Gerontius) (Op. 38) (arr. by Herbert Brewer) BE00546 7,49£
Romance (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00712 5,99£
Salut d’Amour (Op. 12) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00550 4,49£
Sonata in G major (Op. 28) (1: Allegro maestoso; 2: Allegretto; 3: Andante espressivo; 4: Presto) BE01004 In Vorbereitung
Sursum Corda (Élévation) (Op. 11) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00551 5,99£
Triumphal March from Caractacus (Op. 35) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00552 7,49£
Elliott, James William (1833-1915)
Andante religioso in E flat BE00468 4,49£
Ergmann, Ausguste
Hungarian March (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00980 6,49£
Evans, Edwin (1844-1923)
Eÿken, Gerrit Isaac van (1832-1879)
Processional March BE00929 5,49£

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