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Short Pieces
Short Pieces Volume 4 (1: Dr R. Papperitz - Choral Vorspiel No 1 in F; 2: Dr R. Papperitz - Choral Vorspiel No 2 in F; 3: Walter H. Sangster - Andante in A flat; 4: Philipp Tietz - Andante Sostenuto in G; 5: F. W. Hird - Allegro vivace in F; 6: E. Bunnett - Allegro moderato; 7: Gustav Merkel - Pastorale in A) BE00255 10,99€ add
Adams, Thomas (1857-1918)
Two Short Fantasias on Hymn Tunes (1: on “Abridge”; 2: on “Veni Creator Spiritus”) BE00139 7,99€ add
Best, William Thomas (1826-1897)
A Christmas Fantasy on Ancient English Carols for Xmas-tide new BE00979 10,99€ add
Fantasia & Fugue on the “Old 81st” BE00060 10,49€ add
Six Pieces for Christmas (1: “Sit Laus plena” - Allegro con brio; 2: “Quem vidistis pastores” - Andante con moto in E; 3: “Psallite omnes Angeli” - Allegro vivace in C; 4: “Venite in Bethlehem” - Andantino in F; 5: Pastorale - Allegretto in B flat; 6: “O Magnum Mysterium” - Andante in E flat) BE00406 12,99€ add
Six Pieces for Church Use Vol. 1 (1: Andante con moto in E; 2: Allegro moderato in A minor; 3: Andante in B flat (No 1); 4: Allegro con brio in F; 5: Adagio in D; 6: Allegro moderato in C (with chorale)) BE00401 11,49€ add
Six Pieces for Church Use Vol. 3 (1: Chorale Prelude on the Tune “London” in E flat; 2: Fuga in C (allegro moderato); 3: Chorale Prelude on the Tune “Halifax” in A; 4: Andantino in E flat; 5: Chorale Prelude on the Tune “St. Bride” in A minor; 6: Andante in B flat (No 2)) BE00403 13,99€ add
Six Pieces for Church Use Vol. 5 (1: Wedding march; 2: Allegro giocoso in G; 3: Andante con moto in A; 4: Prelude on the Hynn “Stabat Mater” in D minor; 5: Funeral March in F sharp minor; 6: Adagio elegiaco in E minor) BE00405 12,49€ add
Twelve Short Preludes on Old English Psalm-Tunes (1: “Lord, hear the voice of my complaint”; 2: “Through all the changing scenes of life”; 3: “All people that on earth do dwell”; 4: “Give ear, thou judge of all the earth”; 5: “My soul, praise the Lord”; 6: “Thou turnest man, O Lord, to dust”; 7: “Hail! Sacred feast”; 8: “All praise to thee, my God, this night”; 9: “My soul for help on God relies”; 10: “Thy mercies, Lord, shall be my song”; 11: “Bow down thy gracious ear”; 12: “O praise the Lord with one consent”) BE00064 11,49€ add
Blair, Dr Hugh (1864-1932)
Fantasy on Old Christmas Carols (“God rest you, merry”, “Good King Wenceslas”, & “A Virgin unspotted”) in C BE00431 6,49€ add
Chipp, Dr Edmund Thomas (1823-1886)
Variations on “God Preserve the Emperor” (“Austria”) (Op. 2) BE00223 14,49€ add
“O Sanctissima” with two variations and finale BE00047 8,49€ add
Duncan, William Edmondstoune (1866-1920)
Prelude on Goulimel’s “Toulon” BE01162 6,49€ add
Faulkes, George William Henry (1863-1933)
Alleluya : Festal Postlude on “Läßt uns erfreuen” BE00269 6,99€ add
Christmas Meditation (on the hymn tune “Adeste Fideles”) (Op. 183/3) BE00543 5,99€ add
Fantasia on the Old Melody “Urbs Beata” in G minor (Op. 112) BE00281 6,99€ add
Festival prelude on “Ein’ feste Burg” BE00555 7,99€ add
Rhapsodie in G minor (on “O filii et filiæ”) BE00539 7,99€ add
Rhapsodie on Old French Carols (“A Minuit”, “Chartres” & “Le Fils du Roi”) BE00295 7,99€ add
Gade, Niels Wilhelm (1817-1890)
Fantasie on the chorale “Lobet den Herren” BE00338 7,99€ add
Garrett, Dr George Mursell (1834-1897)
Postlude (Christmas) BE00009 8,99€ add
Gaul, Harvey Bartlett (1881-1945)
Easter Procession of the Moravian Brethren (Based on Moravian Easter Hymns) BE01323 In Vorbereitung
Hymn of the American Navy BE01327 In Vorbereitung
Moravian Evening Hymn (Based on a Moravian Hymn-tune of the 17th Century, “Old 29th”) BE01329 In Vorbereitung
Gillespie, Christopher (1976-)
Two Postludes (1: in B flat; 2: in G) BE00759 8,49€ add
Goodhart, Arthur Murry (1866-1941)
Chorale Prelude on “Crüger” BE01259 In Vorbereitung
Grace, Dr Harvey (1874-1944)
Epilogue (on “O God, our help in ages past”) (Op. 17/3) BE01238 7,99€ add
Three Psalm Tune Postludes (1: “Martyrs”; 2: “London New”; 3: “Old Hundredth”) BE01242 In Vorbereitung
Toccatina on “Kings Lynn” BE01245 5,99€ add
Grädener, Carl Georg Peter (1812-1883)
Two Chorale Preludes (1: “Ach Gott und Herr” in B flat; 2: “Ein’ feste Burg” in C) BE00450 6,99€ add
Gray, Dr Alan (1855-1935)
Prelude on “St. Anne’s” tune BE01439 In Vorbereitung
Three Choral Preludes (1:  “University”; 2: “St. Flavian”; 3: “St. Peter’s”) BE01442 In Vorbereitung
Halsey, Ernest (1876-1939)
Choral Prelude on the Hebrew Melody “Veni Emmanuel” BE00794 6,99€ add
Hesse, Adolf Friedrich (1809-1863)
Variations on “God Save the Queen” (Op. 67) BE00222 8,49€ add
Higgs, Henry Marcellus (1855-1929)
Variations on the Tune “Heinlein” BE00063 6,99€ add
Hollins, Alfred (1865-1942)
Bridal March in B flat (Barnby’s “O perfect Love”) BE00952 7,99€ add
Christmas Cradle Song (“Adeste Fideles”) BE00954 6,49€ add
Hosmer, Elmer Samuel (1862-1945)
Easter Joy (on “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”) BE01276 In Vorbereitung
Hull, Dr Arthur Eaglefield (1876-1928)
Fantasia on an Old English Carol “God rest ye merry gentlemen” BE00750 8,49€ add
Toccatina on an Ancient Plain-song “Corde Natus” (“Of the Father’s Love”) BE00754 7,49€ add
James, Frederic (Frederick) (1858-1922)
Variations on Four Hymn-Tunes (1: “Sun of my Soul” (“Hursley”); 2: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” (“Berlin”); 3: “At even the Sun was set” (“Angelus”); 4: “Abide with me” (“Eventide”)) BE00171 9,99€ add
Jordahl, Dr Robert Arnold (1926-2008)
Forty Days and Forty Night - Lenten Organ Improvisations (1: Heinlein (Forty Days and Forty Nights); 2: Holy Ghost (Lord is This Your Mercy’s Day); 3: Passion Chorale (O Sacred Head); 4: Babylon’s Streams (With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh); 5: Spires (The Glory of These Forty Days); 6: Martydom (Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed); 7: Labbaeus (God the Father, God the Son); 8: Marlow (Am I a Soldier of the Cross)) BE00250 10,49€ add
Hymn Improvisations for the Church Year (1: St. Thomas (Lo! He Comes, With Clouds Descending); 2: Divinum Mysterium (Of the Father’s Love Begotten); 3: Andújar (A Stable Lamp is Lighted); 4: Star in the East (Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning); 5: Three Kings of Orient (We Three Kings of Orient Are); 6: The Third Tune (To Mock Your Reign, My Dearest Lord); 7: Middlebury (Come Away to the Skies, My Beloved); 8: Parker (Rejoice, the Lord of Life Ascends); 9: Cornish (Spirit of Mercy, Truth, and Love)) BE00251 9,99€ add
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid (1877-1933)
Choral-improvisation - “Ach Gott und Herr” (Op 65/34) BE00863 5,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade” (Trio) (Op 65/1) BE00860 5,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Ehr’” (Fuge) (Op 65/23) BE00624 7,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “An Wasserflüßen Babylon” (Op 65/12) BE00621 5,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Aus meines Herzen Grunde” (Pastorale) (Op 65/2) BE00861 5,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir” (Op 65/45) BE00629 5,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott” (Phantasie) (Op 65/47) BE00630 8,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend’” (Toccata) (Op 65/13) BE00622 8,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Herr, wie du willst” (Op 65/36) BE00864 7,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Herzlich tut mich verlangen” (Canon) (Op 65/16) BE00623 5,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “In Dulci Jubilo” (Op. 75/2) BE00648 8,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Jerusalem, du hochgebaute Stadt” (Toccata) (Op 65/48) BE00631 7,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Jesu, geh voran” (“Seelenbräutigam”) (Sinfonischer Choral) (Op 65/56) BE00632 7,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Jesu, meine Freude” (Passacaglia) (Op 65/38) BE00865 In Vorbereitung
Choral-improvisation - “Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott” (Op 65/39) BE00866 6,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König” (Studio) (Op 65/58) BE00633 7,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Lobe den Herren, o meine Seele” (Op 65/28) BE00625 6,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Macht hoch die Tür, die Tor macht” (Op 65/8) BE00862 7,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Nach einer Prüfung kurzer Tage” (Op 65/30) BE00626 5,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Nun danket alle Gott” (Marche triomphale) (Op 65/59) BE00634 7,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Nun läßt uns Gott dem Herren” (Alemande) (Op 65/31) BE00627 5,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “O Durchbrecher aller Bande” (Trio) (Op 65/41) BE00867 5,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Wachtet auf, ruft uns die Stimme” (Op 65/33) BE00628 7,49€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten” (Op. 65/62 & Op. 65/63) (1: in Dur; 2: Invenzione ed Interludio) BE00635 7,99€ add
Choral-improvisation - “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern” (Op 65/44) BE00868 5,99€ add
Kitson, Charles Herbert (1874-1944)
Prelude on “Irish” BE01254 In Vorbereitung
Lemare, Edwin Henry (1865-1934)
Chorale Prelude on “Adeste Fideles” BE00732 5,99€ add
Chorale Prelude on “Lead Kindly Light” BE00733 5,99€ add
Chorale Prelude on “Onward Christian Soldiers” BE00734 5,99€ add
Concert Fantasia on “Hanover” BE01444 In Vorbereitung
Irish Air from “County Derry” (arr. by) BE00514 6,49€ add
Joy to the World – Christmas Fantasia on “Antioch” (Op. 164) BE01446 In Vorbereitung
Maryland, My Maryland (“O Christmas Tree”) (arr. by) BE00724 6,99€ add
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Negro Spiritual) (arr. by) BE00728 5,99€ add
Luard-Selby, Bertram (1853-1918)
Triumphal March in F (introducing the Hymn-Tune “The Strife is o’er”) BE00400 6,99€ add
Variations on the Chorale “Jesus ist mein aufenthalt” BE00135 8,49€ add
Lux, Friedrich (1820-1895)
Fantasie de concert sur “O Sanctissima” BE00130 8,99€ add
Macchia, Grimoaldo (1972-)
Fantasia über “Beschirms uns, Gott, bleib unser Hort” BE01296 8,49€ add
Four Christmas Chorales (1: “Komm, du Heiland aller Welt”; 2: “Lobt Gott ihr Christen alle gleich”; 3: “Vom Himmel hoch”; 4: “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme”) BE01364 11,49€ add
Psalm 150 – “Lobe den Herren” BE01297 6,99€ add
Macpherson, Dr Charles (1870-1927)
Chorale Prelude on “Ye Servants of the Lord” BE00062 6,49€ add
Marchant, Dr Arthur William (1850-1921)
Two Preludes & Fugues on Hymn-tunes (1: “Rockingham”; 2: “Martyrdom”) BE00199 7,99€ add
Meale, John Arthur (1880-1932)
Londonderry Air - arranged by BE00232 6,49€ add
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Jakob Ludwig Felix (1809-1847)
Overture to the Oratorio “St. Paul” (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00159 9,49€ add
Sonata No 6 in D minor (1: Chorale; 2: Fugue; 3: Finale) (Op. 65/6) BE00743 10,99€ add
Palmer, Dr Clement Charlton (1871-1944)
Rhapsody on a Hymn Tune “Galilee” BE01146 In Vorbereitung
Studies on Old English Hymns (set 1) (1: Tune by O Gibbons (“Song 13”); 2: Tune from Archbishop Pry’s Psalter, 1621 (“St. Mary”); 3: Tune from Day’s Psalter, 1563 (“St. Flavian”); 4: Prelude & Fugue on “Old 104th”; 5: Minuet on “Hanover”; 6: Trio on “Abridge”; 7: Short Postlude on “Darwell’s 148th”; 8: “Melcombe”; 9: “Rockingham”; 10: “Martyrdom”; 11: “St Bride”; 12: “St Anne”) BE01147 In Vorbereitung
Studies on Old English Hymns (set 2) (1: “Dundee”; 2: Saraband on “Irish”; 3: Pastorale on Carley’s “Surrey”; 4: “St Magnus”; 5: “Wareham”; 6: “Manchester”; 7: “St Matthew”; 8: “Old 113th”; 9: Air on “Winchester Old”; 10: Solemn March on “Southwall”; 11: “Veni Sancte Spiritus”; 12: Toccata on “Old 100th”) BE01148 In Vorbereitung
Parry, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings (1848-1918)
Seven Chorale Preludes (set 1) (1: “Dundee”; 2: “Rockingham”; 3: S. S. Wesley’s “Hampton”; 4:  “Old 104th”; 5:  “Melcombe”; 6:  “Criste, Redemptor omnium”; 7:  “St. Ann’s”) BE01174 In Vorbereitung
Seven Chorale Preludes (set 2) (1: “Croft’s 136th”; 2: “Martyrdom”; 3: “St. Thomas”; 4: “St. Mary”; 5: “Eventide”; 6: “St. Cross”; 7: “Hanover”) BE01175 In Vorbereitung
Pearce, Dr Charles William (1856-1928)
Ellers A Symphonic Poem BE00034 8,99€ add
Pye, James Thomas (1850-1926)
Introductory Voluntary on the “Russian Hymn” BE00126 6,49€ add
Shaw, Geoffrey Turton (1879-1943)
Variations on an Old English Melody : “Heartsease” BE01043 8,49€ add
Silas, Édouard (1827-1909)
Fantasia on St. Ann’s tune BE00055 8,99€ add
Spark, Dr William (1823-1897)
Variations & Finale on “Jerusalem the golden” BE00873 7,99€ add
Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers (1852-1924)
Fantasia (In Festo Omnium Sanctorum) (Op. 121/1) BE00657 8,99€ add
Prelude (on the Easter Hymn) (Op. 88/4) BE00654 6,49€ add
Six Short Preludes & Postludes (set 1) (1: in F; 2: in G minor; 3: in E flat; 4: in F; 5: in G - founded on an old Irish church melody - “Innocents”; 6: in E flat - founded on an old Irish church melody - “St. Columba”) (Op. 101) BE00916 10,99€ add
Six Short Preludes & Postludes (set 2) (1: in F on a theme by Organo Gibbons - ”Song 34”; 2: in G on a theme by Orlando Gibbons – “Song 22”; 3: in G; 4: in D minor on a theme of Orgando Gibbons - “Song 24”; 5: in E flat – Trio; 6: in D) (Op. 105) BE00917 12,49€ add
Sonata No 3 in D minor “Britanica” (Op 152) (1: Allegro non troppo ma con fuoco; 2: Benedictus; 3: Allegro molto e ritmico) BE00573 14,99€ add
Sonata No 4 “Celtica” (Op.153) (1: Allegro molto moderato; 2: Thema con Variazioni; 3: St. Patrick’s Breastplate) BE00505 14,49€ add
Sonata No 5 in A (Quasi una fantasia) (Op 159) BE00574 14,99€ add
Stewart, Arthur Charles Lestoc Hylton (1884-1932)
Five short & easy pieces founded on Hymn Tunes (1: “Caithness”; 2: “Babylon’s Streams”; 3: “Croft’s 136th”; 4: “St. Peter”; 5: “Aberystwyth”) BE00978 8,49€ add
West, John Ebenezer William (1863-1929)
Chorale Prelude on “St. Michael” BE01178 In Vorbereitung
Two Hymn Tune Preludes (1: Prelude on Sulivan’s Tune “Fatherland” (“We are but strangers here”); 2: Prelude on Dykes’ Tune “Requiescat” (“Now the labourer’s task is o’er”)) BE00875 7,49€ add
Two Pieces for Harvest (1: Improvisation on Schultze’s Hymn-Tune “We plough the fields”; 2: Fantasia on Barnby’s anthem “O Lord, how masnifold”) BE00876 6,49€ add
Whitlock, Percy William (1903-1946)
Six Hymn Preludes (1: “Darwall’s 148th”; 2: “Song 13”; 3: “Deo Gracias”; 4: “St. Denio”; 5: “Werde munter”; 6: ”King’s Lynn”) BE01384 In Vorbereitung
Woods, Francis Cunningham (1862-1929)
Variations on Elvey’s Tune “St. George” BE00057 6,49€ add
Yon, Pietro Alessandro (1886-1943)
Religous Suite No 1 “Advent” (1: Prelude (Rorate Coeli); 2: Introit (Veni Emmanuel); 3: Offertory (Veni Domine); 4: Communion (Ave Maria); 5: Finale – Toccata on the Gregorian Hymn “Creator alme siderum”) BE01119 In Vorbereitung

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