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Adams, Thomas (1857-1918)
Marche Solennelle in E minor BE00119 €5.99 add
Best, William Thomas (1826-1897)
Six Pieces for Church Use Vol. 5 (1: Wedding march; 2: Allegro giocoso in G; 3: Andante con moto in A; 4: Prelude on the Hynn “Stabat Mater” in D minor; 5: Funeral March in F sharp minor; 6: Adagio elegiaco in E minor) BE00405 €12.49 add
Callaerts, Joseph Jacques (1830-1901)
Marche Funèbre (Op. 29/3) BE00440 €7.99 add
Chauvet, Charles Alexis (1837-1871)
Funeral Prelude BE01226 In preparation
Duncan, William Edmondstoune (1866-1920)
Solemn March in C BE01165 In preparation
Edwards Dr Albert Henry (1869-1944)
Solemn March BE01237 In preparation
Foster, Myles Birket (1851-1922)
Solemn March in D minor BE00880 €7.99 add
Gaul, Harvey Bartlett (1881-1945)
Chant for Dead Heroes BE01310 In preparation
Grey, Charles John (1849-1923)
Sonata in A (1: Introduction; 2: Marche Funèbre; 3: Finale) BE00245 €9.49 add
Guilmant, Félix Alexandre (1837-1911)
Marche Funèbre et Chant Séraphique (Op. 17/3) BE00453 €8.99 add
Hollins, Alfred (1865-1942)
Funeral March in G minor BE00891 €5.99 add
King, Oliver Arthur (1855-1923)
Suite (1: Ritornello; 2: Andante; 3: March Funèbre; 4: Pavan) (Op. 109) BE00138 €11.49 add
Lemare, Edwin Henry (1865-1934)
Marche Solennelle in E flat BE00352 €7.99 add
Mailly, Alphonse Jean Ernest (1833-1918)
Marche Solennelle BE00203 €7.99 add
Prélude Funèbre BE00206 €6.99 add
Parry, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings (1848-1918)
Elegy BE01173 €6.49 add
Pidoto, Andrea (1958-)
Tre Preludi Canonici – ad un bambino morto (1:  Prelude; 2: Prelude; 3: Prelude) BE01366 €8.49 add
Smart, Henry Thomas (1813-1879)
Grand Solemn March in E flat BE00606 €10.99 add

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