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Hackett, Henry (1872-1940)
Abendlied (Op. 32) BE00884 5,49£
Chant sans Paroles No 1 in E flat BE00885 6,49£
Chant sans Paroles No 2 in D BE00886 4,99£
Choeur Triomphale in D (Op. 26) BE00887 6,49£
Marche Gothique (Op. 31) BE00888 5,49£
Haigh, Dr Thomas (1875-1927)
Canon in A flat BE00190 4,49£
Grand Chœur in B flat BE00162 6,99£
Lied BE00191 4,49£
Nocturne in B minor BE00180 5,99£
Scherzo in F BE00181 5,99£
Siciliana BE00183 5,49£
Sonata in E flat (1: Allegro giusto; 2: Canzone; 3: Finale) BE00558 9,49£
Theme and Variations in B flat BE00182 6,99£
Hailing, Robert George (-1943)
Cantilène BE01041 In Vorbereitung
Cradle Song BE01042 In Vorbereitung
Halsey, Ernest (1876-1939)
Andante Piacevolè BE00787 5,49£
Andante Religioso (Op. 22/4) BE00788 4,99£
Aubade BE00789 4,99£
Berceuse BE00790 5,49£
Cantilena in A flat (Op. 26/1) BE00791 4,99£
Canzonetta BE00792 4,99£
Chant Joyeux BE00793 4,99£
Choral Prelude on the Hebrew Melody “Veni Emmanuel” BE00794 5,49£
Festal Postlude BE00795 5,99£
Grand Chœur in D major (Op. 22/11) BE00796 5,49£
Intermezzo in C minor BE00797 5,49£
Nocturne in E minor (Op. 26/3) BE00798 5,49£
Passacaglia in C minor BE00799 4,49£
Passacaglia in D minor BE00970 5,99£
Pastorale BE00800 5,49£
Postlude alla Marcia in B flat (Op. 22/3) BE00801 5,99£
Rêverie BE00802 4,99£
Scherzo in F (Op. 22/5) BE00803 5,99£
Serenade BE00804 5,49£
Sonata in G minor (1: Allegro; 2: Andante Espressivo; 3: Toccata) (Op. 36) BE00663 9,99£
Toccata in C minor (Op. 26/2) BE00662 7,49£
Halsey, William (Bill) Dawson (1958-)
Las Navidades – A Symphony based on Puerto Rican Aguinaldos (Christmas Carols) (1: A la media Noche; 2: Arbolito; 3: Vicentillo; 4: El Santo Nombre; 5: Las Navidades) BE00919 11,49£
Händel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)
Bourrée from “Pastor Fido” (arr. by W. T. Best) BE01177 6,99£
Coronation Anthem – “Zadock the Priest” (1: Zadock the Priest; 2: “And all the People”; 3: “God save the King”.) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00039 6,99£
Larghetto from the Grand Concerto No 12 (arr. by W. T. Best) BE01180 4,99£
Largo in G (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00685 5,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 1) No 1 in G minor (Op. 4/1) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00590 10,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 1) No 2 in B flat (Op. 4/2) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00591 9,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 1) No 3 in G minor (Op. 4/3) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00592 7,99£
Organ Concerto (Set 1) No 4 in F (Op. 4/4) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00593 10,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 1) No 5 in F (Op. 4/5) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00594 6,99£
Organ Concerto (Set 1) No 6 in B flat (Op. 4/6) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00595 7,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 2) No 1 in D minor (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00596 7,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 2) No 2 in A major (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00597 8,99£
Organ Concerto (Set 2) No 3 in C minor (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00598 8,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 2) No 4 in G minor (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00599 9,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 2) No 5 in F major (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00600 9,49£
Organ Concerto (Set 2) No 6 in D major (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00601 7,99£
Overture to the Occasional Oratorio (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00337 7,49£
Overture to the Oratorio “Athalia” (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00469 5,99£
Overture to the Oratorio “Samson” (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00365 7,49£
Overture to the Oratorio “Saul” (arr. by W. T. Best) BE01086 8,99£
Pieces form “The Passion of St. John” and “The Passion of Christ” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “If thou let this man go”; 2: “Let us not rend it”; 3: “We have no King but Cæsar”; 4: “To thee let ev'ry soul be subject!”; 5: Chorus of Disciples “We all would die far sooner”) BE01172 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from choral work “Semele” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Attend the pair”; 2: “Endless pleasure”; 3: “Bless the glad earth” & “And to that pitch th’ eternal accents raise”; 4: Sinfonia (The Descent of Apollo)) BE01095 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Cantata “Acis and Galatea” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “O! the pleasure of the plains”; 2: “Wretched lovers”; 3: “O ruddier than the cherry”) BE01097 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Occasional Oratorio (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Or brought full low with iron sceptre”; 2: “God found them guilty”; 3: “All his mercies shall endure”; 4: “Hallelujah”) BE01171 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Alexander Balus” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “To thee let grateful Judah sing”; 2: “Sun, Moon, and Stars“) BE01069 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Athalia” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1:  “Cheer her, O Baal”; 2: “The traitor if you there descry”) BE01068 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Belshazzar” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “All empires upon God depend”; 2: “Jehovah hath redeemed Jacob”; 3: “By slow degrees the wrath of God”; 4: “Of things on earth”; 5: “Bel boweth down, Nebo stoopeth”) BE01070 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Deborah” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “See! the proud chief advances now”; 2: “Lord of Eternity” & “Plead thy just cause”) BE01071 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Esther” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: Overture; 2: “Shall we the God of Israel”) BE01072 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Hercules” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: March; 2: “Let none despair”; 3: “Love and Hymen”) BE01073 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Israel in Egypt” Book 1 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “They loathed to drink”; 2: “He gave them Hailstones”; 3: “He smote all the First-born”; 4: “But as for the people”; 5: “Egypt was glad when they departed”) BE01074 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Israel in Egypt” Book 2 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “He rebuked the Red Sea” & “He led them through the deep”; 2: “But the waters overwhelmed their enemies”; 3: “And Israel saw that great work” & “And believed the Lord”; 4: “He is my God” & “And I will exalt him”; 5:  “Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious”) BE01075 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Israel in Egypt” Book 3 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “The People shall hear, and be afraid”; 2: “Thou shalt bring them in”; 3: “I will sing unto the Lord”) BE01076 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Jephtha” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Chemosh no more will we adore”; 2: “O God, behold our sore distress”; 3: “They now contract their boist’rous pride”; 4: “They ride on whirlwinds”; 5: “Doubtful fear”; 6: “Theme sublime”) BE01077 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Joseph and his brethren” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: Overture : Minuet; 2: “Joyful sounds, melodious strain”; 3: “Immortal pleasures”; 4: “Blest be the man”; 5: “O God, who in thy Heav’nly hand” & “Thou know’st our wants before our prayer”; 6: “Eternal Monarch of the sky” & “And grant us aid”) BE01078 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Joshua” Book 1 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “To long posterity”; 2: “The Lord commands”; 3: “May all the Host of Heav’n”; 4: March; 5: “Almighty Ruler of the Skies”) BE01079 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Joshua” Book 2 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “How soon our tow’ring hopes are cross’d”; 2: “Hail! mighty Joshua, hail!”; 3: “Shall I in Mamre’s fertile plain”; 4: “Father of mercy”; 5: “The Great Jehovah”) BE01080 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Judas Maccabæus” Book 1 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “O Father, whose Almighty power”; 2: “Arm, arm, ye brave!” & Chorus “We come, in bright array”; 3: “Lead on, lead on”) BE01081 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Judas Maccabæus” Book 2 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Fall’n is the foe”; 2: “Sion now her head shall raise” & “Tune your Harps to songs of praise”; 3: “Hail Judea! happy land”) BE01082 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Judas Maccabæus” Book 3 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “We never will bow down”; 2: “See, the conq’uring hero comes!”; 3: “Sing unto God”; 4: “Hallelujah”) BE01083 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Samson” Book 1 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “O first created beam”; 2: “Then shall they know”; 3: “Then round about the starry Throne”; 4: “To man, God’s universal law” & “Thus shall his life be ne’er dismay’d”) BE01084 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Samson” Book 2 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Honour and arms scorn such a foe”; 2: “Fix’d in his everlasting seat”; 3: Funeral March; 4: “Let their celestial Concerts”) BE01085 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Saul” Book 1 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “How excellent”; 2: “Our fainting courage”; 3: “Hallelujah”) BE01087 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Saul” Book 2 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Preserve him for the glory of thy name”; 2: “Envy! Eldest born of hell”; 3: “Sin not, O King”; 4: Funeral March) BE01088 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Solomon” Book 1 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Your Harps and Cymbals sound”; 2: “Till distant Nations”; 3: “Throughout the land”) BE01089 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Solomon” Book 2 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “May no rash intruder”; 2: “From the Censer curling rise”) BE01090 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Solomon” Book 3 (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Swell the full chorus”; 2: “Music, spread thy voice around”; 3: “Thus rolling surges rise”; 4: “The name of the wicked”) BE01091 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Susanna” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Tremble, guilt”; 2: “Ask if you damask rose be sweet”; 3: “Let justice reign”; 4: “Thy wedded truth”; 5: “With thy own ardors”; 6: “Bless’d be the day”) BE01092 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “The Messiah” Book 1 (1: Overture; 2: “And the Glory of the Lord”; 3: “And He shall purify”) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00040 7,99£
Pieces from the Oratorio “The Messiah” Book 2 (1: “For unto us a child is born”; 2: “He trusted in God”; 3:  “Lift up your head.”) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00041 8,49£
Pieces from the Oratorio “The Messiah” Book 3 (1: “Let all the angels”; 2: “The Lord gave the World”; 3: “Let us break their bonds”; 4: Hallelujah Chorus) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00042 7,99£
Pieces from the Oratorio “The Messiah” Book 4 (1: “But thanks be to God”; 2:  “Worthy is the Lamb”; 3: “Amen”) (arr. by W. T. Best) BE00043 7,49£
Pieces from the Oratorio “Theodore” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “All pow’r in Heav’n”; 2:  “Queen of Summer, Queen of Love”; 3: “O Love divine”) BE01093 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the Oratorio “Triumph of Time and Truth” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “Strengthen us, O Time” & ”Then shall we teach thy ways”; 2: “Ere to dust is chang’d”; 3: “Allelujah”) BE01094 In Vorbereitung
Pieces from the “Funeral Anthem” (arr. by W. T. Best) (1: “She put on righteousness”; 2: “Their bodies are buried in peace” & “But their name liveth ervermore”; 3: “When the ear heard her”) BE01096 In Vorbereitung
Prelude & Fugue in F minor from the “Suite pour le Clavecin” (arr. by W. T. Best) BE01181 5,99£
Harris, Dr Cuthbert (1870-1932)
Andante sostenuto in F BE00306 3,99£
At Eventide BE00336 4,49£
Berceuse in G BE00508 3,49£
Chanson pastorale BE00307 5,49£
Concluding Voluntary in D minor BE00507 3,99£
Concluding Voluntary in G major BE00308 4,99£
Festival Postlude in C BE00509 4,99£
Minuet & Trio in G major BE00309 4,99£
Minuetto Pomposo BE00310 5,49£
Triumphal March BE00311 5,49£
Heap, Dr Charles Swinnerton (1847-1900)
Fantasia in A BE00215 7,99£
Festal March in E flat major BE01203 In Vorbereitung
Henshaw, Ronald (1932-)
Malahide Deeps BE00246 6,99£
Henshaw, Warwick Bardon (1968-)
Henselt, George Martin Adolph von (1814-1889)
La Gondola (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00713 4,49£
Romanza (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00992 4,49£
Hesse, Adolph Friedrich (1809-1863)
Fantasia in C minor (Op. 22) BE00640 7,49£
Fantasia in C minor (Op. 35) BE00219 5,99£
Fantasia in E major (Op. 76) BE00220 6,49£
Prelude & Fugue in B minor (1: Prelude; 2: Fugue) (Op. 86) BE00216 6,99£
Prelude & Fugue in D minor (1: Prelude; 2: Fugue) (Op. 66) BE00217 5,99£
Toccata in A flat (Op. 85) BE00218 7,49£
Twelve Melodious & Easy Pieces (1: Andante in F major; 2: Trio in C minor; 3: Andante in E major; 4: Andante Maestoso in B flat major; 5: Allegretto in A major; 6: Andante in E flat major; 7: Andantino in A minor; 8: Allegretto in F minor; 9: Andante in F major; 10: Allegretto in A major; 11: Andante in C minor; 12: Allegro Fugato in D major) BE00641 9,49£
Variations on an Original Theme in A flat major (Op 34) BE00642 5,99£
Variations on “God Save the Queen” (Op. 67) BE00222 6,49£
Higgs, Henry Marcellus (1855-1929)
Variations on the Tune “Heinlein” BE00063 5,49£
Hime, Edward Lawrence (1823-1900)
Palestine Grand March (arr. by Frederick Archer) BE00936 5,99£
Hird, Frederick William (1826-1887)
Hofmann, Heinrich Karl Johann
Barcarole (Op. 46) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00686 4,49£
Lied (Op. 9/1) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00687 4,49£
Scherzo in F (Op. 70/3) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00688 5,99£
Serenade (Op. 19/3) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00689 5,49£
Wedding Procession (Op. 19/ 6) (arr. by F. Cunningham Woods) BE00998 In Vorbereitung
Hollins, Alfred (1865-1942)
A Benediction (Wedding Souvenir) BE01045 In Vorbereitung
A Song of Sunshine BE00945 5,49£
A Trumpet Minuet BE00946 6,49£
Adagio BE00947 4,49£
Allegretto Grazioso in A BE00948 5,49£
Andante in D BE00949 5,99£
Barcarolle BE01044 5,49£
Benediction Nuptiale - “H.E.B” BE00950 4,99£
Berceuse in C BE00951 5,99£
Berceuse in E BE00889 4,49£
Bourrée BE01046 In Vorbereitung
Bridal March in B flat (Barnby’s “O perfect Love”) BE00952 5,99£
Cantilène in A flat BE00953 5,99£
Christmas Cradle Song (“Adeste Fideles”) BE00954 4,99£
Communion in D BE00955 5,49£
Communion in E flat BE00890 4,99£
Concert Overture in C BE00956 7,99£
Concert Overture in C minor BE00957 7,49£
Concert Overture in F minor BE00958 7,49£
Concert Rondo BE00986 7,49£
Concert Toccata in B flat BE01047 In Vorbereitung
Elegy in E minor BE00498 4,49£
Epithalamium BE01048 5,49£
Evening Rest BE00987 5,49£
Finale (En forme d’Ouverture) BE00959 5,49£
Funeral March in G minor BE00891 4,49£
Grand Chœur No 1 in G BE00960 6,49£
Grand Chœur No 2 in C BE00961 5,49£
In Springtime (Pastorale) BE00962 5,99£
Intermezzo in D flat BE00963 6,49£
Introductory Voluntary BE00892 4,99£
King Edward Coronation March in C BE00964 5,49£
Maytime Gavotte BE01003 6,49£
Meditation in C BE00965 5,99£
Melody in A flat BE00966 5,49£
Minuet BE01049 In Vorbereitung
Morceau de Concert BE00967 7,99£
Morning & Evening (1: Morning in B flat; 2: Evening in F) BE00893 4,49£
Morning Song BE00988 5,49£
Nocturne in B flat BE00894 5,49£
Pastorale in F BE00968 4,99£
Pastorale in G BE00895 4,49£
Postlude in D BE00896 5,49£
Prayer in A flat BE00897 4,49£
Prelude in A BE00898 4,99£
Prelude in C BE01136 4,99£
Prelude in G BE01137 3,99£
Romanza BE00990 5,49£
Scherzo BE00989 6,49£
Siciliana BE01050 4,49£
Spring Song in A flat BE00969 5,49£
Theme with Variations and Fugue BE00985 7,99£
Triumphal March BE00984 7,49£
Wedding March in C BE00899 5,49£
Hopkins, Dr Edward John (1818-1901)
Four Pieces (1: Serioso; 2: Placidamente; 3: Grazioso; 4: Moto Continuo) BE00053 7,49£
Horsmann, Edward Imeson (1873-1918)
The Curfew BE00068 5,49£
Hubay, Jenő (1858-1937)
Träumerei (reverie) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00690 4,49£
Hull, Dr Arthur Eaglefield (1876-1928)
Berceuse in C BE00749 4,49£
Fantasia on an Old English Carol “God rest ye merry gentlemen” BE00750 6,49£
Paraphrase on Grieg’s Patriotic Hymn “Our Native Land” BE00751 4,49£
Prelude in G BE00752 3,99£
Rêverie BE00753 3,99£
Toccatina on an Ancient Plain-song “Corde Natus” (“Of the Father’s Love”) BE00754 5,49£
Variations Poétiques sur un thème original BE00755 6,49£
Humperdinck, Engelbert (1854-1921)
Angel Scene from Hänsel und Gretel (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00691 7,49£
Vorspiel from Hänsel und Gretel (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00692 7,49£
James, Frederic (Frederick) (1858-1922)
Allegro con spirito BE00170 5,49£
Variations on Four Hymn-Tunes (1: “Sun of my Soul” (“Hursley”); 2: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” (“Berlin”); 3: “At even the Sun was set” (“Angelus”); 4: “Abide with me” (“Eventide”)) BE00171 7,49£
Jeboult, Harold Arthur (1871-1925)
Postlude alla marcia BE00184 5,99£
Jephson, Frank Maurice (1886-1917)
Gaudeamus BE00193 4,49£
Postlude BE00192 4,99£
Jepson, Harry Benjamin (1870-1952)
L’Heure Exquise BE00756 6,99£
Pantomime BE00757 5,99£
Pastel BE00758 5,99£
Toccata BE00669 6,99£
Johnson, William George Bernard (1868-1935)
Aubade in D flat BE00563 5,99£
Canzonet in E BE00564 4,99£
Caprice in B BE00565 5,49£
Elfentanz BE00566 6,49£
Intermezzo in D flat BE00920 In Vorbereitung
Lullaby in G BE00567 4,99£
Morning Song BE00568 6,99£
Moto Perpetuo BE00569 5,49£
Overture in C sharp minor (Homage à Tschaikowski) BE00570 7,49£
Passamezzo in D BE00571 4,99£
Pavane in A BE00670 5,49£
Two Duologues (1: Le soupir; 2: Le sourire) BE00671 7,99£
Jordahl, Dr Robert Arnold (1926-2008)
Forty Days and Forty Night - Lenten Organ Improvisations (1: Heinlein (Forty Days and Forty Nights); 2: Holy Ghost (Lord is This Your Mercy’s Day); 3: Passion Chorale (O Sacred Head); 4: Babylon’s Streams (With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh); 5: Spires (The Glory of These Forty Days); 6: Martydom (Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed); 7: Labbaeus (God the Father, God the Son); 8: Marlow (Am I a Soldier of the Cross)) BE00250 7,99£
Hymn Improvisations for the Church Year (1: St. Thomas (Lo! He Comes, With Clouds Descending); 2: Divinum Mysterium (Of the Father’s Love Begotten); 3: Andújar (A Stable Lamp is Lighted); 4: Star in the East (Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning); 5: Three Kings of Orient (We Three Kings of Orient Are); 6: The Third Tune (To Mock Your Reign, My Dearest Lord); 7: Middlebury (Come Away to the Skies, My Beloved); 8: Parker (Rejoice, the Lord of Life Ascends); 9: Cornish (Spirit of Mercy, Truth, and Love)) BE00251 7,49£
Psalm Suite (1: How great are His signs, how mighty His wonders (Daniel 4:3); 2: Arise; 3: I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. (Song of Solomon 2:1); 4: Then you shall take delight in the Lord, and I will make you ride upon the heights of the earth. (Isaiah 58:14)) BE00252 8,99£
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid (1877-1933)
Cathedral Windows (Op. 106) (1: Kyrie Eleison; 2: Ave Maria; 3: Resonet in Laudibus; 4: Adeste Fideles; 5: Saluto Angelico; 6: Lauda Sion) BE00911 In Vorbereitung
Choral-improvisation - “Ach Gott und Herr” (Op 65/34) BE00863 3,99£
Choral-improvisation - “Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade” (Trio) (Op 65/1) BE00860 4,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Allein Gott in der Höh’ sei Ehr’” (Fuge) (Op 65/23) BE00624 5,99£
Choral-improvisation - “An Wasserflüßen Babylon” (Op 65/12) BE00621 4,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Aus meines Herzen Grunde” (Pastorale) (Op 65/2) BE00861 4,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir” (Op 65/45) BE00629 4,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott” (Phantasie) (Op 65/47) BE00630 6,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend’” (Toccata) (Op 65/13) BE00622 6,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Herr, wie du willst” (Op 65/36) BE00864 In Vorbereitung
Choral-improvisation - “Herzlich tut mich verlangen” (Canon) (Op 65/16) BE00623 3,99£
Choral-improvisation - “In Dulci Jubilo” (Op. 75/2) BE00648 6,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Jerusalem, du hochgebaute Stadt” (Toccata) (Op 65/48) BE00631 5,99£
Choral-improvisation - “Jesu, geh voran” (“Seelenbräutigam”) (Sinfonischer Choral) (Op 65/56) BE00632 5,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Jesu, meine Freude” (Passacaglia) (Op 65/38) BE00865 In Vorbereitung
Choral-improvisation - “Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott” (Op 65/39) BE00866 In Vorbereitung
Choral-improvisation - “Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König” (Studio) (Op 65/58) BE00633 5,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Lobe den Herren, o meine Seele” (Op 65/28) BE00625 4,99£
Choral-improvisation - “Macht hoch die Tür, die Tor macht” (Op 65/8) BE00862 5,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Nach einer Prüfung kurzer Tage” (Op 65/30) BE00626 4,99£
Choral-improvisation - “Nun danket alle Gott” (Marche triomphale) (Op 65/59) BE00634 5,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Nun läßt uns Gott dem Herren” (Alemande) (Op 65/31) BE00627 4,49£
Choral-improvisation - “O Durchbrecher aller Bande” (Trio) (Op 65/41) BE00867 In Vorbereitung
Choral-improvisation - “Wachtet auf, ruft uns die Stimme” (Op 65/33) BE00628 5,49£
Choral-improvisation - “Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten” (Op. 65/62 & Op. 65/63) (1: in Dur; 2: Invenzione ed Interludio) BE00635 5,99£
Choral-improvisation - “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern” (Op 65/44) BE00868 In Vorbereitung
Funerale (Op. 75/1) BE00647 7,49£
Homage to Handel BE00649 9,49£
Seven Pastels from The Lake of Constance (1: The soul of the lake; 2: Landscape in mist; 3: The legend of the mountain; 4: The reed-grown waters; 5: The sun’s evensong; 6: The mirrored moon; 7: Hymn to the stars) (Op. 96) BE00327 13,49£
Sunrise (Sonnenaufgang) (Op. 7/1) BE00575 4,99£
Three new Impressions 1: Voices of the night (Op. 142/1) BE01186 In Vorbereitung
Three new Impressions 2: Valse mignonne (Op. 142/2) BE01187 In Vorbereitung
Three new Impressions 3: Romantic retrospective view (Op. 142/3) BE01188 In Vorbereitung
Trois Impressions 1: Harmonies du Soir (Op. 72/1) BE00636 4,49£
Trois Impressions 2: Clair de lune (Op. 72/2) BE00637 4,49£
Trois Impressions 3: la Nuit (Op. 72/3) BE00638 5,49£
Zehn Charakteristische Tonstücke (Op. 68) (1: Prologus tragicus; 2: Canzona in A minor; 3: Cantilena; 4: Quasi Marcia; 5: Pax vobiscum; 6: Aria seriosa; 7: Sempre semplice; 8: Studio; 9: Impression; 10: Aphorismus) BE01189 In Vorbereitung
Keene, Frederick Andrew (1871-1916)
Allegro con brio in C BE00620 4,99£
Keller, Max (1770-1855)
Eight Short Pieces (1: Allegretto; 2: Andante in D; 3: Andante in F; 4: Larghetto in D; 5: Larghetto in D; 6: Larghetto in E flat; 7: Larghetto in F; 8: Larghetto in G) BE00560 6,49£
King, Alfred (1837-1926)
Minuet & Trio BE00912 5,99£
King, Oliver Arthur (1855-1923)
Andante Pastorale BE00136 5,49£
Intermède BE00137 5,49£
Offertoire No 2 BE00333 5,49£
Suite (1: Ritornello; 2: Andante; 3: March Funèbre; 4: Pavan) (Op. 109) BE00138 8,99£
Wedding Suite (1: Carillon & Bridal Procession; 2: Intermezzo; 3: Andantino (Voix Célestes Movement); 4: Nuptial March) (Op. 120) BE00332 8,99£
Kitson, Charles Herbert (1874-1944)
Prelude on “Irish” BE01254 In Vorbereitung
Kjerulf, Halfdan (1815-1868)
Wiegenlied (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00714 5,49£
Knecht, Justin Heinrich (1752-1817)
Six Short Pieces (1: Andante; 2: Andantino in B flat; 3: Andantino in E flat; 4: Cantabile un poco Adagio; 5: Un poco Adagio; 6: Vivace) BE00559 6,49£
Kullak, Ernst (1855-)
Barcarolle (Op. 30) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00715 5,49£
In Winter (Op. 31/3) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00716 4,49£

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