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Allen, Dr George Parker (1873-1957)
Postlude in C BE00263 €7.49 add
Armstrong, William Dawson (1868-1936)
Postludium BE01272 In preparation
Batiste, Antoine Edouard (1820-1876)
Six Short Loud & Soft Voluntaries (1: Elevation; 2: Communion; 3: Postlude; 4: Elevation; 5: In Memoriam; 6: Postludium) BE00266 €9.99 add
Button, Henry Elliot (1861-1925)
Postlude in G BE00172 €6.49 add
Faulkes, George William Henry (1863-1933)
Alleluya : Festal Postlude on “Läßt uns erfreuen” BE00269 €6.99 add
Nuptial Postlude in F BE00324 €7.49 add
Postlude in B flat (Op. 101/5) BE00370 €7.49 add
Postludium in G BE00294 €7.49 add
Garrett, Dr George Mursell (1834-1897)
Postlude (Christmas) BE00009 €8.99 add
Gaul, Harvey Bartlett (1881-1945)
Postludium Circulaire – Retrocessional BE01331 In preparation
Halsey, Ernest (1876-1939)
Festal Postlude BE00795 €7.99 add
Postlude alla Marcia in B flat (Op. 22/3) BE00801 €7.99 add
Jeboult, Harold Arthur (1871-1925)
Postlude alla marcia BE00184 €7.99 add
Jephson, Frank Maurice (1886-1917)
Postlude BE00192 €6.49 add
Kiver, Ernest Oldfield (1864-1945)
Postlude in C BE01303 In preparation
Lloyd, Charles Harford (1849-1919)
Postlude in E flat BE00013 €7.49 add
Silver, Alfred Jethro (1870-1935)
Postlude in D minor new BE01131 €6.49 add
Smart, Henry Thomas (1813-1879)
Postlude in C BE00253 €7.49 add
Postlude in D BE00012 €9.49 add
Postlude in E flat BE00604 €8.99 add
Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers (1852-1924)
Six Short Preludes & Postludes (set 1) (1: in F; 2: in G minor; 3: in E flat; 4: in F; 5: in G - founded on an old Irish church melody - “Innocents”; 6: in E flat - founded on an old Irish church melody - “St. Columba”) (Op. 101) new BE00916 €10.99 add
Six Short Preludes & Postludes (set 2) (1: in F on a theme by Organo Gibbons - ”Song 34”; 2: in G on a theme by Orlando Gibbons – “Song 22”; 3: in G; 4: in D minor on a theme of Orgando Gibbons - “Song 24”; 5: in E flat – Trio; 6: in D) (Op. 105) new BE00917 €12.49 add
Stark, Dr Humphrey John (1854-1932)
Postlude in A major BE01185 In preparation
Vincent, Dr Charles John (1852-1934)
Postlude Maestoso BE00856 €6.99 add
The Voice of Spring BE00859 €5.99 add
West, John Ebenezer William (1863-1929)
Postlude in B flat BE00616 €7.99 add
Wolstenholme, William (1865-1931)
Seven Short Postludes (1: in C; 2: in G; 3: in F; 4: in D; 5: in B flat; 6: in A; 7: in E flat) (Op. 84) BE00780 €9.49 add

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