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Butterworth, George Sainton Kaye (1885-1916)

Biography of George Butterworth

Butterworth, George Sainton Kaye. Studied in Eton College, 1899; Trinity College, Oxford, 1904, under H. P. Allen; the Royal College of Music, London. Composed orchestral music, songs, &c. b. London, England, July 12th, 1885; d. Pozières, France, Aug. 5th, 1916 (killed in action).

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A Shropshire Lad (Rhapsody)
Title: A Shropshire Lad (Rhapsody) (arr. by W. B. Henshaw)
Composer: George Butterworth
Price: US$13.99
Availability: In Stock
Pages: 9
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-1141-1
Published: 27-Feb-2014Add to basket
(arr. by W. B. Henshaw)
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Faulkes, George William Henry (1863-1933)

Biography of William Faulkes

William Faulkes

Faulkes, George William Henry. Pupil of William Dawson and Henry Dillon-Newman. . Organist of St. John-the-Baptist’s, Tue Brook, Liverpool, 1882-86; St. Margaret’s, Anfield, Liverpool, 1886-1933. b. Liverpool, England, Nov. 4th, 1863; d. there, Jan. 25th, 1933.

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Rhapsodie in G minor (on “O filii et filiæ”)
Title: Rhapsodie in G minor (on “O filii et filiæ”)
Composer: William Faulkes
Price: US$11.49
Availability: In Stock
Pages: 10
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-0539-7
Published: 27-Oct-2008Add to basket
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Grace, Dr Harvey (1874-1944)

Biography of Dr Harvey Grace

Dr Harvey Grace

Grace, Dr Harvey. F.R.C.O. (1905), Mus.D. (Lambeth, 1932). Chorister in Romsey Abbey under William Cary Bliss; studied at Southwark Cathedral, London, under Dr A. Madeley Richardson. Organist of St. Agnes’, Kennington Park, London, 1905-13; St. Mary-Magdalene’s, Munster Square, London, 1914-; Chichester Cathedral, 1931-37; East Grinstead Parish Church. Editor of the “Musical Times”, 1918-; commissioner of the School of English Church Music, 1937; taught at Trinity College of Music, London, 1939. Composed organ pieces, songs, part-songs, church music, &c. Brother of Dr George Grace and Rev. William F. Grace. b. Romsey, England, Jan. 25th, 1874; d. Bromley (Kent), Feb. 15th, 1944.

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Rhapsody (Op. 17/1) BE01253 In preparation
Harwood, Dr Basil (1859-1949)

Biography of Dr Basil Harwood

Harwood, Dr Basil. Mus.B. (Oxon, 1880), B.A. (Oxon, 1881), M.A., (Oxon, 1884), Mus.D. (Oxon, 1896), F.R.C.O. Studied at Charterhouse School, 1874-76; Trinity College, Oxford; pupil of J. L. Roeckel (piano), George Riseley (organ) and Dr Charles Corfe (theory); studied at the Leipzig Conservatory under Dr Karl Reinecke (composition) and Salomon Jadassohn (composition). Organist of Trinity College, Oxford, 1878-81; St. Barnabas’, Pimlico, London, 1883-87; Ely Cathedral, 1887-92; Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, 1892-1909. Conducted the Oxford Orchestral Association, 1892-98; Oxford Bach Choir, 1896; president of the Oxford University Musical Club, 1881, 1895; precentor of Keble College, Oxford, 1892-1903; choragus of Oxford University, 1900-1909. Composed church music, organ and piano pieces, songs, hymn tunes, &c. b. Woodhouse, Olveston, England, Apr. 11th, 1859; d. Kensington, London, Apr. 3rd, 1949.

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Rhapsody (Op 38) BE01634 In preparation
Lemare, Edwin Henry (1865-1934)

Biography of Edwin H. Lemare

Edwin H. Lemare

Lemare, Edwin Henry. A.R.A.M., F.R.A.M., F.R.C.O. (1886). Pupil of his father; won a Goss Scholarship from the Royal Academy of Music, London, 1876; studied there under Sir G. A. Macfarren, Walter Macfarren, Dr Charles Steggall and Dr Edmund H. Turpin. Organist of St. Mary’s, Brookfield, Highgate, London; St. John-the-Evangelist’s, Brownswood Park, London, 1882; St. Andrew’s, Cardiff, Wales, 1886; the Park Hall, Cardiff, 1886; the Albert Hall, Sheffield, 1886; Sheffield Parish Church, England, 1886-92; Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, London, 1892-95; St. Margaret’s, Westminster, London, 1896-1902; the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., 1902-05; at the Pan-America Exposition, San Francisco, California, 1915; San Francisco City Hall, California, 1917-20; Portland City Hall, Maine, 1921-23; Chattanooga City Hall, Tennessee, 1924-29. Toured the U.S.A., 1900-01; Australia; New Zealand; Europe. Designed the organ for Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand; Melbourne Town Hall, Australia. The finest and most highly paid organ recitalist of his day; popularized Wagnerian operas in England, though his transcriptions of them. Composed organ pieces, church music, an orchestral symphony, &c. Son of Edwin Lemare; nephew of Dr William Lemare. b. Ventnor, England, Sep. 9th, 1865; d. Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., Sep. 24th, 1934.

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Rhapsody in C minor
Title: Rhapsody in C minor (Op. 43)
Composer: Edwin H. Lemare
Price: US$11.99
Availability: In Stock
Pages: 12
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-0583-0
Published: 07-Jul-2009Add to basket
(Op. 43)
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Palmer, Dr Clement Charlton (1871-1944)

Biography of Dr C. Charlton Palmer

Palmer, Dr Clement Charlton. Mus.D. (Oxon, 1896), F.R.C.O. Studied at the Derby School of Music; Repton School. Organist of St. Leonards, Wychnor, 1887; St. Andrew’s, Pau, France, 1888-90; assistant organist of Lichfield Cathedral, 1890-97; organist of Holy Trinity, Burton-on-Trent, England, 1891-97; St. Lawrence’s Parish Church, Ludlow, 1897-1908; Canterbury Cathedral, 1908-36. Composed services, organ pieces, &c. b. Barton-under-Needwood, England, Apr. 16th, 1871; d. Canterbury, Aug. 13th, 1944.

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Rhapsody on a Hymn Tune “Galilee” BE01146 In preparation
Yon, Pietro Alessandro (1886-1943)

Biography of Pietro A. Yon

Yon, Pietro Alessandro. Studied in Ivrea with Burbatti; at the Royal Conservatory, Milan, under Polibio Fumagalli; the Turin Conservatory under Venezia (piano), Roberto Remondi (organ) and Bolzoni (composition), 1901-04; the St. Cecilia Academy, Rome, under Remigio Renzi (organ), Sqambati (piano), Bustini (piano) and de Sanctis (theory and composition), 1904. Assistant organist of St. Peter’s, Rome, 1905-07; organist of St. Francis-Xavier’s, New York City, U.S.A., 1907-19, 1921-26; St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York City, 1926-43. Moved to New York, U.S.A.,1907. Composed a mass, motets, songs, organ pieces, &c. Brother of S. Constantino Yon. b. Settimo-Vittone, Italy, Aug. 8th, 1886; d. Huntington, New York, U.S.A., Nov. 22nd, 1943.

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American Rhapsody
Title: American Rhapsody
Composer: Pietro A. Yon
Price: US$14.99
Availability: In Stock
Pages: 19
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-1106-0
Published: 13-Feb-2023Add to basket
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Rapsodia Italiana (Italian Patriotic Hymn and Piedmontese Dances)
Title: Rapsodia Italiana (Italian Patriotic Hymn and Piedmontese Dances)
Composer: Pietro A. Yon
Price: US$14.49
Availability: In Stock
Pages: 15
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-1105-3
Published: 06-Feb-2023Add to basket
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