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Biography of Max Reger

Max Reger

Reger, Johann Baptist Joseph Maximilian. Studied in Weiden with Adalbert Lindner; in Sondershausen with Hugo Reimann, 1890; at the Wiesbaden Conservatory. Organist of Weiden Cathedral, 1886-89. Taught at the Wiesbaden Conservatory, 1895-96; music critic with the “Allgemeine Musik-Zeitung”; professor of harmony, counterpoint and organ at the Royal Academy of Music, Munich, 1905-06; conducted the Porges’ Singing Society; taught composition and instrumentation at the Leipzig Conservatory, 1907-16. Composed orchestral, piano, and organ pieces, songs, chamber music, cantatas, &c. b. Brand, Kemnath, Germany, Mar. 19th, 1873; d. Leipzig, May 11th, 1916.

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Reger, Johann Baptist Joseph Maximilian (1873-1916)
Introduction & Passacaglia in D minor BE01353 In preparation
Introduction, Passacaglia & Fugue in E minor (Op. 127) BE01354 In preparation
Prelude & Fugue in C sharp minor (Op. 85/1) (1. Phantasie; 2. Intermezzo; 3. Introduction & Passacaglia) BE01356 In preparation
Prelude & Fugue in E minor (Op. 85/4) (1. Prelude; 2. Fugue) BE01359 In preparation
Prelude & Fugue in F major (Op. 85/3) (1. Prelude; 2. Fugue) BE01358 In preparation
Prelude & Fugue in G major (Op. 85/2) (1. Prelude; 2. Fugue) BE01357 In preparation
Sonata No 1 in F sharp minor BE01355 In preparation

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