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Compositions by Charles Marie Widor

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Biography of Charles Marie Widor

Charles Marie Widor

Widor, Charles Marie Jean Albert. Studied in Brussels with Nicolaus Jacques Lemmens (organ) and F. J. Fétis (composition); in Paris with Rossini. Organist of St. François’, Lyons, 1860; St. Sulpice’s, Paris, 1869-1937. Professor of organ at the Paris Conservatory, 1890; also of counterpoint, fugue and composition there, 1896. Composed operas, chamber, church and orchestral music; concertos, songs, &c. Son of Charles Widor. b. Lyons, France, Feb. 21st, 1844; d. Paris, Mar. 12th, 1937.

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Widor, Charles Marie Jean Albert (1844-1937)
Allegro cantabile (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01385 In preparation
Marche Nuptiale BE01411 In preparation
Nocturne (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01386 In preparation
Scherzando (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01387 In preparation
Serenade (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01388 In preparation
Symphony No 5 in F minor (Op. 42/1) (1. Allegro vivace. 2. Allegro cantabile; 2. Andantino quasi allegretto; 3. Adagio; 4. Toccata) BE01412 In preparation
Symphony No 6 in G minor (Op. 42/2) (1. Adagio; 2. Intermezzo; 3. Cantabile; 4. Finale) BE01413 In preparation

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