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Biography of Rev Scotson Clark

Clark, Rev Frederick Scotson. Mus.B. (Oxon, 1867.) Studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London, under Bennett, Goss, Lucas, Engel, Pinsuti and Pettit; Exeter College, Oxford; in Paris with Eugène Sergent (piano and harmony) and Louis Lefébure-Wély (harmony); in Leipzig with Richter and Reinecke; in Stuttgart with Lebert, Pruckner and Krugen; pupil of Dr Edward J. Hopkins (organ). Organist of St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate, London; Exeter College, Oxford; the Regent Square Church, London, 1855; assistant organist of the English Church, Leipzig, Germany; organist of St. Clement-Danes’, London. Head master of St. Michael’s Grammar School, Brighton, 1867; founded the London Organ School, 1873; represented English organists at the Paris Exposition, 1878. Composed organ and piano pieces, church music, songs, &c. b. London, England, Nov. 16th, 1840; d. Marylebone, London, July 5th, 1883.

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Clark, Rev. Frederick Scotson (1840-1883)
Ave Maria BE00123 €5.49 add
Belgian March BE00667 €8.49 add
Chorus of Angels BE00113 €7.49 add
Commemoration March BE00100 €8.49 add
Fantasia in F BE00125 €7.49 add
Festal March BE00099 €6.99 add
Grand Offertoire in G BE00131 €8.49 add
Inauguration March BE00668 €7.99 add
Marche Anglaise BE00106 €6.99 add
Marche Militaire BE00102 €7.49 add
Marche aux Flambeaux BE00097 €7.49 add
Marche des Fantomes BE00104 €7.49 add
Marche des Girondins BE00665 €7.99 add
Marche des Jacobins BE00666 €7.99 add
Meditation in B flat BE00122 €6.49 add
Melody in A BE00121 €5.99 add
Offertoire en forme d’une Marche (in A) BE00120 €7.99 add
Pilgrims’ March BE00103 €7.99 add
Procession March BE00098 €7.99 add
Roman March BE00105 €6.99 add
Russian March BE00107 €8.49 add
Three Improvisations (1: in B flat; 2: in A; 3: in C) BE00124 €7.49 add
Vienna Exhibition March BE00101 €8.99 add

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