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Story of the Electric Organ


Dr J. W. Hinton


ISBN-13/EAN: 978-0-9528184-3-4
ISBN-10: 0-9528184-3-4
Title: Story of the Electric Organ
Author: Dr J. W. Hinton
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Description: This book contains the history of the early application of electric action to the pipe-organ, together with biographical sketches of the pioneers in this area (C. S. Barker and Dr. Péschard).
Pages: x 129
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Format: Hard Back (Library Quality Cloth) A5
Illustrations: 8 diagrams, 2 b&w photographs
Published: 1997, rev. 2009
Edition: New edition of 1909 edition
Language: English
Publisher: Bardon Enterprises
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Biography of Dr J. W. Hinton

Hinton, Dr John William. Mus.B. (Dublin, 1871), B.A. (Dublin, 1872), Mus.D. (Dublin, 1874), M.A. (Dublin, 1876). Studied at the Paris Conservatory; pupil of César Franck. Organist of St. Mary’s, Charing Cross Road, London, 1876; St. Stephen’s, Guernsey, 1877-90; St. Michael-and-All-Angel’s, Woolwich, London, England, 1891-1909; the Church-of-the-Ascension, Blackheath, London, 1909-12; St. Matthew’s, Westminster, London. Professor of organ and singing at the Trinity College, London. b. Edmonton, England, Apr. 26th, 1849; d. Bournemouth, Feb. 1st, 1922.

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“Far more interesting than may at first appear from the | Books | Dr J. W. Hinton | Story of the Electric Organs and authors” - Dr Brian Hicks - The Organ, Autumn 1997.

What they said=978-0-9528184-3-4& about the 1909 edition.

The Organist and Choir Master-October 15, 1910. "The author has traced the evolution of the Electric Organ from its earliest beginnings in a most interesting manner . . . Many personal reminiscences of events and persons . . . useful illustrations."

Musical News-October 23, 1909. "The author's reading has been wid=978-0-9528184-3-4&e, his research extensive, and he assesses the various claims with fair judgment. . . Besid=978-0-9528184-3-4&es useful historical information his technical writing is clear, and his treatise one of real practical utilitu."

Musicians' Journal-April, 1910. "Brimful of infromation. . . This valuable work is just what not only Organist but all interested in modern Organ Construction have been looking for. . . Is a faithful, unbiased and interesting history of the rise and development of Elecro-pneumatic action as applied to Organs. "

Music-November, 1909. "Is especially welcome at a time when organ-building is proceeding fast. Iteresting . . . will appeal to all who play or listen to the King of Instruments. . . Contains many useful diagrams, and can be recommended as a most useful addition to the literature on the subject."

English Mechanic-September 17, 1910. "(Our) readers who know how lucid=978-0-9528184-3-4&y Dr. J. W. Hinton writes from actual and intimate knowledge, will we are sure, hasten to procure his book, the "Story of the Electric Organ,". . . traces the evolution . . . incorporating personal reminiscences of more than ordinary interest and value . . . supplemented by comprehensive appendix in which typical systems of electrical action are figured and described."

Mechanical World-February 18, 1910. "Dr. Hinton's book is an exhaustive account of the various inventions which have been introduced."

Referee-October 16, 1909. "Dr. Hinton's Story of the Electric Organ will appeal chiefly to practical organists. . . Numerous illustrations and a convenient index increase the book's usefulness."

The Choir-October, 1910. "Will prove an invaluable addition to the library of the Organ Strudent."

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