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Anecdote Lives

of William Hogarth, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, Henry Fuseli, Sir Thomas Lawrence, and J. M. W. Turner.


John Timbs


ISBN-13/EAN: 978-0-9528184-5-8
ISBN-10: 0-9528184-5-0
Title: Anecdote Lives
Author: John Timbs
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Description: This book contains over 500 anecdotes of the above named eminent artists; these being derived from original communications, and sources otherwise not generally used. Each artist is divided into two sections: the first being a chronological account of his life; the second being characteristics, retrospective opinions, and personal traits. Thus giving a more flowing account of the lives of these men.
Pages: xviii 408
Availability: E-Book
Format: Hard Back (Library Quality Cloth) A5
Illustrations: 3 b&w
Published: 1997
Edition: New edition of 1872 edition
Language: English
Publisher: Bardon Enterprises
Cover: Cover

Contents of the William Hogarth entries

William Hogarth
William Hogarth Birth-place and parentage of Hogarth. Hogarth’s early education. He becomes a silver-plate engraver. "Little Hogarth." Hogarth’s engraved silver-plate. Unique print from an engraving by Hogarth. Joe Miller’s benefit Ticket. Print of "The Rape of the Lock." Hogarth publishers his first plate. Hogarth’s shop-card. Hogarth commences satire. Hogarth satirizes the stage. "Prints for Hudibras." Hogarth and the upholsterer. Hogarth’s marriage. Hogarth’s house in Leicester-square. Hogarth’s first painting. Hogarth, Kent the architect, and the poet Pope. Hogarth’s Southwark fair. Journey into Kent. Portraits of Sarah Malcolm, Miss Blandy, and Elizabeth Canning. Death of Sir James Thornhill. Mid=978-0-9528184-5-8&night modern conversation. Orator Henley. A Coffee-room Scene. "The Harlot’s Progress." The Rake’s Progress. Hogarth paints the staircase of St. Bartholomew’s hospital. Hogarth an Anatomical Draughtsman. "The Strolling Actresses." The Beggars’ Opera. "The Four Times of the Day." Hogarth embellishes Vauxhall Gardens. Rosamond’s Pond. The Enraged Musician the Distressed Poet. The Marriage à la Mode pictures. Sale of the Marriage à la Mode pictures. "Marriage à la Mode," and "The Clandestine Marriage," A happy marriage. Hogarth’s Benefactions to the Foundling Hospital. "The march to Finchley." Portrait of Lord Lovat. Hogarth first sees Dr. Johnson. "Industry and Idleness." The Gate of Calais, and the Roast Beef of Old England. Paul before Felix. "The Analysis of Beauty." Hogarth’s "Lady’s last stake." Hogarth’s opinion of his art. The Election Pictures. "Sigismunda." Hogarth and Horace Walpole. Hogarth and Wilkes. Portrait of Fielding. "Credulity, Superstition, and Fanaticism." Portrait of Wilkes. Hogarth’s quarrel with Wilkes and Churchill. "Finis; or the Tail-piece. Death of Hogarth. Tomb of Hogarth. Hogarth’s house, at Chiswick. Mrs. Hogarth. Hogarth’s maul-stick. Collections of Hogarth’s works.
Hogarth’s early portraits. Hogarth’s Conceit. Poetical tributes to Hogarth. Hogarth painted by himself. Caricatures on Hogarth. Hogarth and Bishop Hoadley. Copyright in prints. Hogarth’s palette. Hogarth’s "Oratorio." The miser and Sir Isaac Sheard. Wall-paintings in Fenchurch street. Hogarth paints "Goldsmith’s Hostess." Genius of Hogarth. Historical value of Hogarth’s works. Hogarth’s prints.

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