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Biography of Gaston Borch

Borch, Gaston Louis Christopher. Studied in Sweden; in Paris with Jules Massenet; at the Svendsen, Copenhagen, under Johan Svendsen. Conductor in Christiania and Bergen, Norway, 1893-98; of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.; the Boston Opera House, Massachusetts; cellist. Composed an opera, orchestral pieces, piano, violin, and cello pieces, organ music, &c. b. Guines, Pas-de-Calais, France, Mar. 8th, 1871; d. Stockholm, Sweden, Feb. 14th, 1926.

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Borch, Gaston Louis Christopher (1871-1926)
Entrée solennelle
Title: Entrée solennelle (Op. 60)
Composer: Gaston Borch
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Pages: 14
Format: Portrait - 9” x 12” paper-back
EAN/ISMN: 979-0-2067-0030-9
Published: 01-Jan-1999Add to basket
(Op. 60)
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