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Biography of Dr W. J. Westbrook

Westbrook, Dr William Joseph. Mus.B. (Cantab, 1876), Mus.D. (Cantab, 1878). Organist of St. Bartholomew’s, Bethnal Green, London, 1849-51; St. Bartholomew’s, Sydenham, London, 1851-84; co-organist of the Crystal Palace, London, 1860. Cofounder of the Musical Standard, 1862; conducted the South Norwood Musical Society, 1865-78. Composed cantatas, anthems, songs, organ pieces, &c. Wrote organ textbooks. b. Mile End, London, England, Jan. 1st, 1831; d. Sydenham, London, Mar. 24th, 1894.

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Costa, Sir Michael Andrew Agnus (1808-1884)
Triumphal March (from the Oratorio “Naaman”) (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00935 €8.49 add
Ergmann, Ausguste
Hungarian March (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00980 €8.49 add
Faure, Jean Baptiste (1830-1914)
Crucufuxus (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00811 €5.99 add
Les Rameaux (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00812 €5.99 add
Goldmark, Carl (1830-1915)
Bridal Song from the Rustic Wedding Symphony (Op. 26) (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00997 €6.99 add
Gounod, Charles François (1818-1893)
Berceuse (Sérénade) (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00813 €6.99 add
Hymne à Sainte Cécile (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00814 €5.99 add
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Jakob Ludwig Felix (1809-1847)
Andante from the Violin Concerto in E (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE00828 €8.49 add
Widor, Charles Marie Jean Albert (1844-1937)
Allegro cantabile (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01385 In preparation
Nocturne (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01386 In preparation
Scherzando (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01387 In preparation
Serenade (arr. by W. J. Westbrook) BE01388 In preparation

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