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Wolstenholme, William (1865-1931)
Air du Nord (Op. 38/5) BE00412 €6.49 add
Allegretto Scherzando (Op. 38/4) BE00413 €7.99 add
Allegretto in A flat (Op. 2) BE00081 €6.99 add
Allegretto in E flat (Op. 17/2) BE00080 €6.49 add
An Irish Phantasy (Op. 63) BE00414 €9.49 add
Andantino in G minor (Op. 12/4) BE00385 €6.49 add
Berceuse in B flat (Op.49/3) BE00415 €7.49 add
Cantilene in F minor (Op. 11/1) BE00082 €7.49 add
Canzona (Op. 12/1) BE00083 €5.99 add
Caprice in F (Op. 8/2) BE00386 €8.99 add
Carillon in B flat (Op. 30/2) BE00471 €6.49 add
Die frage, die antwort (The Question, The Answer) (1: Die frage; 2: Die antwort) (Op. 13/1) BE00085 €8.49 add
Epilogue BE00086 €7.49 add
Fantaisie Rustique (Un souvenir nuptial) (Op. 46) BE00416 €8.49 add
Fantasia in E (Op. 33/1) BE00387 €10.49 add
Finale in B flat (Op. 11/2) BE00388 €7.99 add
Grand Chœur in G minor (Op. 33/2) BE00087 €7.99 add
Grand Chœur on the 4th Gregorian Tone (Op. 58/1) BE00088 €7.99 add
Le Carillon in D flat (Op. 23/4) BE00089 €6.99 add
Melody in B flat (Op. 20/3) BE00417 €8.49 add
Minuet & Trio in B flat (Op. 54) BE00091 €7.99 add
Minuet & Trio in E flat (Op. 12/2) BE00092 €8.99 add
Pastorale in D (Op. 13/3) BE00391 €7.49 add
Prelude in B flat BE00418 €6.99 add
Prelude in C BE00427 €7.49 add
Prelude in F (Op. 23/2) BE00419 €6.49 add
Prelude in G (Op. 13/7) BE00420 €5.99 add
Reverie in F minor (Op. 38/3) BE00434 €7.49 add
Romanza (Op. 17/1) BE00093 €6.49 add
Romanza in A minor (Op. 13/4) BE00392 €6.99 add
Rondino in D (Op. 23/1) BE00472 €6.99 add
Serenata in A (Op. 38/2) BE00421 €7.99 add
Seven Short Postludes (1: in C; 2: in G; 3: in F; 4: in D; 5: in B flat; 6: in A; 7: in E flat) (Op. 84) BE00780 €9.49 add
Seven Short Preludes (1: in C; 2:  in A flat; 3: in E; 4: in F; 5: in A; 6: in B flat; 7: in G) (Op. 82) BE00779 €8.99 add
Sonata in the style of Handel (Op. 8/1) BE00094 €10.49 add
The Seraph’s Strain (Op. 16/2) BE00095 €6.49 add
Toccata in B flat (Op. 58/2) BE00422 €8.49 add
Two Communions (1: in F (Op. 23/3); 2: in G (Op. 16/1)) BE00423 €6.49 add
Two Short Pieces (1: Communion in B flat (Op. 23/6); 2: Meditation in C minor (Op. 23/8)) BE00096 €7.49 add

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