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Biography of Edwin H. Lemare

Edwin H. Lemare

Lemare, Edwin Henry. A.R.A.M., F.R.A.M., F.R.C.O. (1886). Pupil of his father; won a Goss Scholarship from the Royal Academy of Music, London, 1876; studied there under Sir G. A. Macfarren, Walter Macfarren, Dr Charles Steggall and Dr Edmund H. Turpin. Organist of St. Mary’s, Brookfield, Highgate, London; St. John-the-Evangelist’s, Brownswood Park, London, 1882; St. Andrew’s, Cardiff, Wales; the Park Hall, Cardiff; Sheffield Parish Church, England, 1886; the Albert Hall, Sheffield, 1886; Holy Trinity, Sloane Square, London, 1892-95; St. Margaret’s, Westminster, London, 1897-1902; the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., 1902-05; at the Pan-America Exposition, San Francisco, 1915; San Francisco City Organist, 1917-20; Portland, Maine, 1920-24; civic organist of Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1924-29. Toured the U.S.A., 1900-01; Australia; New Zealand; Europe. Designed the organ for Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand; Melbourne Town Hall, Australia. The finest and most highly paid organ recitalist of his day; popularized Wagnerian operas in England, though his transcriptions of them. Composed organ pieces, church music, an orchestral symphony, &c. Son of Edwin Lemare; nephew of Dr William Lemare. b. Ventnor, Isle-of-Wight, England, Sep. 9th, 1865; d. Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., Sep. 24th, 1934.

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Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Aria for the G string (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00672 €6.49 add
Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Overture to Prometheus (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00673 €9.99 add
Boccherini, Ridolfe Luigi (1743-1803)
Minuet (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00674 €7.99 add
Bohm, Karl (1844-1920)
Cavatina (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00675 €6.99 add
Still wie die Nacht (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00676 €5.99 add
Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897)
Akademische Fest-Ouverture (Op. 80) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00556 €10.99 add
Ungarischer Tanz (No 5) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00557 €6.99 add
Chopin, Frédérick François (1810-1849)
Nocturne in E flat (Op. 9/2) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00677 €6.49 add
Cui, César Antonovich (1845-1909)
Berceuse (Op. 20) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00678 €5.49 add
Dvořák, Antonin Leopold (1841-1904)
Finale from the New World Symphony (Op. 95) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00680 €11.49 add
Humoreske (Op. 101/7) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00679 €5.99 add
Elgar, Edward William (1857-1934)
Gavotte in A (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00547 €8.49 add
Idylle (Op. 4/1) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00548 €6.49 add
Pomp & Circumstance March No 1 (Op. 39) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00549 €9.49 add
Salut d’Amour (Op. 12) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00550 €5.99 add
Sursum Corda (Élévation) (Op. 11) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00551 €7.99 add
Triumphal March from Caractacus (Op. 35) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00552 €9.49 add
Fuchs, Robert (1847-1927)
Allegretto grazioso from the Serenade for String Orchestra No 3 in E major (Op. 21) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00681 €8.49 add
Goldmark, Carl (1830-1915)
Finale from the Rustic Wedding Symphony (Op. 26) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00682 €10.99 add
Goltermann, Georg Eduard (1824-1898)
Berceuse (Op. 113/4) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00683 €6.49 add
Gurlitt, Cornelius (1820-1901)
Andantino (Op. 134/2) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00684 €6.99 add
Handel, George Frederick (1685-1759)
Largo in G (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00685 €6.99 add
Henselt, George Martin Adolf von (1814-1889)
Romanza (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00992 €5.99 add
Hofmann, Heinrich Karl Johann
Barcarole (Op. 46) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00686 €5.99 add
Lied (Op. 9/1) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00687 €5.99 add
Scherzo in F (Op. 70/3) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00688 €7.99 add
Serenade (Op. 19/3) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00689 €7.49 add
Hubay, Jenő (1858-1937)
Träumerei (reverie) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00690 €5.99 add
Humperdinck, Engelbert (1854-1921)
Angel Scene from Hänsel und Gretel (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00691 €9.49 add
Vorspiel from Hänsel und Gretel (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00692 €9.99 add
Lemare, Edwin Henry (1865-1934)
Allegretto in B minor BE00340 €7.49 add
Aloha Oe (Hawaiian National Hymn) (arr. by) BE00719 €6.49 add
Andante Cantabile in F (Op. 37) BE00409 €7.49 add
Andantino in D flat (1923 revised version) BE00735 €6.49 add
Andantino in D flat (original version) (also known as “Moonlight & Roses”) BE00339 €6.49 add
Arcadian Idyll (1: Serenade; 2: Musette; 3: Solitude) (Op. 52) BE00586 €8.99 add
Barcarolle in A flat BE00390 €7.49 add
Bell Scherzo (Op. 89) BE00480 €7.49 add
Berceuse in D BE00342 €6.49 add
Bénédiction Nuptiale (Op. 85) BE00503 €6.99 add
Cantique d’Amour (Op. 47) BE00581 €7.49 add
Canzonetta (Op. 70) BE00776 €7.49 add
Caprice Orientale (Op. 46) BE00478 €6.99 add
Chanson d’Été in B flat BE00343 €6.99 add
Chant de Boneur (Op. 62) BE00481 €6.49 add
Chant sans paroles in D BE00344 €6.99 add
Chorale Prelude on “Adeste Fideles” BE00732 €5.99 add
Chorale Prelude on “Lead Kindly Light” BE00733 €5.99 add
Chorale Prelude on “Onward Christian Soldiers” BE00734 €5.99 add
Christmas Song (Op. 82) BE00778 €6.99 add
Clair de Lune (Op. 104) BE00772 €7.49 add
Cloches Sonores (Basso Ostinato) - Symphonic sketch (Op. 63) BE00482 €8.49 add
Communion “Peace” (Op. 68) BE00345 €6.49 add
Concert Fantasia in F BE00346 €7.99 add
Concert Fantasia on “Hanover” BE01444 In preparation
Concertstück No 1 - In the form of a Polonaise (Op. 80) BE00483 €9.99 add
Concertstück No 2 - In form of a Tarantella (Op. 90) BE00582 €9.49 add
Contemplation in D minor (Op. 42) BE00410 €6.99 add
Elegy in G BE00347 €6.99 add
Evening Pastorale “The Curfew” (Op. 128) BE00484 €6.99 add
Fantaisie Dorienne (en forme de variations) (Op. 101) BE00348 €8.49 add
Fantaisie Fugue in G minor (Op. 48) BE00584 €8.99 add
From the West - Symphonic Poem (1: In Missouri; 2: In North Dakota) (Op. 60) BE00774 €12.49 add
Gavotte Moderne in A flat BE00349 €6.99 add
Gavotte à la cour (Op. 84) BE00578 €6.49 add
I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls (M. W. Balfe) (arr. by) BE00720 €6.49 add
Idyll in E flat BE00485 €7.99 add
Impromptu in A BE00580 €6.99 add
Intermezzo : Moonlight (Op. 83/2) BE00486 €5.99 add
Intermezzo in B flat (Op. 39) BE00350 €6.49 add
Irish Air from “County Derry” (arr. by) BE00514 €6.49 add
Joy to the World – Christmas Fantasia on “Antioch” (Op. 164) BE01446 In preparation
Kathleen Mavourneen (N. Crouch) (arr. by) BE00721 €5.99 add
Killarney (M. W. Balfe) (arr. by) BE00722 €5.99 add
Liebestraum (Op. 55) BE00771 €7.49 add
Love’s Old Sweet Song (J. L. Molloy) (arr. by) BE00723 €5.99 add
Lullaby (Op. 81) BE00777 €5.99 add
Madrigal in D flat BE00351 €6.99 add
Marche Heroïque (Op. 74) BE00562 €7.99 add
Marche Solennelle in E flat BE00352 €7.99 add
Maryland, My Maryland (“O Christmas Tree”) (arr. by) BE00724 €6.99 add
Massa’s in the Cold, Cold Ground (Stephen Foster) (arr. by) BE00725 €6.49 add
Meditation in D flat (Op. 38) BE00353 €6.99 add
Minuet Nuptiale (Op. 103) BE00579 €7.49 add
Morning Serenade (“In California”) (Op. 105) BE00773 €6.49 add
Nocturne in B minor (Op. 41) BE00411 €8.49 add
Ol’ Carlina (J. F. Cooke) (arr. by) BE00726 €6.49 add
Pastorale No 2 in C BE00487 €6.49 add
Pastorale Poem (Op. 54) BE00389 €7.99 add
Pastorale in E BE00354 €5.99 add
Rhapsody in C minor (Op. 43) BE00583 €8.49 add
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (J. P. Knight) (arr. by) BE00727 €5.99 add
Romance in D flat BE00355 €6.49 add
Romance in D flat (No 2) (Op. 112) BE00488 €6.99 add
Rêverie in E flat (Op. 20) BE00493 €7.99 add
Salut d’Amour (Op. 127) BE00489 €6.49 add
Scherzo (from Sonata No 1 in F) (Op. 95/3) BE00490 €7.49 add
Second Andantino in D flat BE00341 €6.99 add
Sonata No 1 in F (1: Maestoso; 2: Largo; 3: Scherzo; 4: Intermezzo; 5: Finale) (Op. 95) BE00587 €13.99 add
Soutenir (Op. 58) BE01447 In preparation
Souvenir joyeux (Op. 87) BE00770 €6.49 add
Spring Song - From the South (Op. 56) BE00356 €6.49 add
Summer Sketches (1: Dawn; 2: The Bee; 3: The Cuckoo; 4: Twilight; 5: Evening) (Op. 73) BE00357 €9.49 add
Sunset - A song without words (Op. 69) BE00775 €5.99 add
Sunshine (Op. 83/1) BE00491 €6.49 add
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Negro Spiritual) (arr. by) BE00728 €5.99 add
Symphony No 1 in G minor (1: Allegro Moderato; 2: Adagio Cantabile; 3: Scherzo; 4: Finale) (Op. 35) BE00358 €20.99 add
Symphony No 2 in D minor (1: Maestoso con fuoco; 2: Adagio patetico; 3: Scherzo; 4: Allegro giusto) (Op. 50) BE00359 €17.99 add
Tears and Smiles (1: Tears; 2: Smiles) (Op. 133) BE00492 €7.49 add
Thanksgiving March BE01445 In preparation
The Harmonious Blacksmith (G. F. Handel) (arr. by) BE00729 €5.99 add
The Old Oaken Bucket (arr. by) BE00730 €5.99 add
Then You’ll Remember Me (M. W. Balfe) (arr. by) BE00731 €5.99 add
Toccata di concerto BE00300 €10.49 add
Twilight Sketches (1: Sundown; 2: The Glow-Worm; 3: The Fire Fly; 4: Dusk) (Op. 138) BE00585 €10.49 add
Liszt, Franz (1811-1886)
Sposalizio (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00693 €7.49 add
Moszkowski, Moritz (1854-1925)
From Foreign Parts (Russia) (Op. 23/1) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00694 €6.49 add
Nevin, Ethelbert Woodbridge (1862-1901)
Slumber Song (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00695 €5.99 add
Nicodé, Jean Louis (1853-1919)
Two Pieces (1: Chanson d’amour; 2: La Pénitence) (Op. 22) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00696 €5.99 add
Rachmaninoff, Sergey Vassilievich (1873-1943)
Melodie in E (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE01029 In preparation
Rubinstein, Anton Grigorievich (1829-1894)
Rêve Angélique (Op. 10/22) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00698 €7.99 add
Saint-Saëns, Charles Camille (1835-1921)
Danse Macabre (Op. 40) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00782 €11.49 add
Schubert, Franz Peter (1797-1828)
Serenade (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00699 €6.49 add
Schytte, Ludwig Theodor (1848-1909)
Berceuse (Op. 26/7) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00700 €5.99 add
Suppé, Franz von (1819-1895)
Introduction to the Poet and Peasant Overture (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE01022 €5.99 add
Tschaikowsky, Peter Ilyich (1840-1893)
Andante Cantabile from Symphonie No 5 in E minor (Op. 64) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00704 €10.49 add
Chanson Triste (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00701 €6.49 add
Fugue from the Suite (Op. 43) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE01125 In preparation
Intermezzo from the Suite (Op. 43) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE01126 In preparation
Nocturne in C sharp minor (Op. 19/4) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00702 €6.49 add
Romance in F minor (Op. 5) (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00703 €7.99 add
Verdi, Fortunino Giuseppe Francesco (1813-1901)
The Anvil Chorus (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00736 €7.49 add
Wagner, William Richard (1813-1883)
Das Rheingold - Walhall Scene (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00806 €11.99 add
Overture to “Der Fliegende Holländer” (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00517 €12.49 add
Overture to “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00518 €11.49 add
Overture to “Rienzi” (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00519 €12.49 add
Overture to “Tannhäuser” (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00520 €14.99 add
Prelude from Lohengrin (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00705 €6.99 add
Ride of the Valkeries (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00521 €10.99 add
Tannhäuser - Elizabeth’s Prayer (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00707 €6.49 add
Tannhäuser - Pilgrim’s Chorus (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00706 €7.49 add
Tannhäuser - Romance to the Evening Star (arr. by Edwin H. Lemare) BE00708 €6.49 add

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