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Biography of William Faulkes

Faulkes, George William Henry. Pupil of William Dawson. Organist of St. John-the-Baptist’s, Tue Brook, Liverpool, 1882-86; St. Margaret’s, Anfield, Liverpool, 1886-1933. b. Liverpool, England, Nov. 4th, 1863; d. there, Jan. 25th, 1933.

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Chopin, Frédérick François (1810-1849)
Nocturne in B flat minor (Op. 9/1) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00709 US$9.49
Nocturne in E flat (Op. 9/2) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00710 US$7.99
Nocturne in F minor (Op. 55/1) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00711 US$8.49
Elgar, Edward William (1857-1934)
Romance (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00712 US$9.49
Faulkes, George William Henry (1863-1933)
Allegretto Cantabile in D flat BE00268 US$8.49
Alleluia! (Op. 183/1) BE00526 US$8.49
Alleluya : Festal Postlude on “Läßt uns erfreuen” BE00269 US$8.49
Andante Affectuoso in B flat BE00312 US$9.49
Autumn Song BE00313 US$6.99
Barcarolle in A minor BE00534 US$8.49
Barcarolle in D BE00372 US$7.99
Barcarolle in E flat BE00270 US$8.99
Barcarolle in E minor (Op. 104/2) BE00529 US$7.99
Barcarolle in G BE00531 US$8.99
Barcarolle in G minor (Op. 105) BE00381 US$8.99
Berceuse in A flat BE00271 US$6.99
Berceuse in B flat BE00314 US$6.99
Berceuse in G BE00315 US$6.99
Cantabile in E flat BE00378 US$8.99
Cantilène Pastorale in F (Op. 138/2) BE00272 US$7.99
Cantilène in D flat BE00316 US$8.49
Canzone BE00317 US$7.99
Capriccio in A BE00335 US$10.99
Caprice in E flat (Op. 135/4) BE00477 US$8.49
Carillon (Op. 113/2) BE00532 US$8.49
Carillon in C BE00273 US$10.49
Chanson (Op. 136/2) BE00533 US$8.49
Christmas Meditation (on the hymn tune “Adeste Fideles”) (Op. 183/3) BE00543 US$6.99
Communion in D BE00379 US$6.49
Communion in E BE00274 US$6.99
Communion in E (Op. 101/3) BE00368 US$6.99
Communion in E minor (Op. 128/2) BE00275 US$6.99
Concert Overture in E flat BE00408 US$12.99
Cortège BE00276 US$8.99
Elevation in D (Op. 138/5) BE00277 US$8.99
Elevation in F BE00278 US$6.99
Elevation in G BE00279 US$7.99
Fanfare BE00280 US$8.99
Fantasia on the Old Melody “Urbs Beata” in G minor (Op. 112) BE00281 US$8.49
Festival prelude on “Ein’ feste Burg” BE00555 US$9.49
Finale in E flat (Op. 128/6) BE00282 US$8.99
Gavotte and Musette BE00542 US$8.99
Grand Chœur (Op. 136/1) BE00530 US$8.49
Grand Chœur alla Handel BE00283 US$8.49
Grand Chœur in A flat BE00375 US$8.99
Grand Chœur in D BE00319 US$10.49
Hossana! (Op. 183/4) BE00540 US$6.99
Impromptu in G BE00284 US$6.99
Intermezzo in C BE00320 US$6.99
Liebeslied in A flat BE00285 US$6.99
March Triumphale in E (Op. 138/1) BE00286 US$9.49
March in B flat BE00321 US$8.99
March in C (Op. 101/2) BE00367 US$7.99
March in E flat BE00287 US$9.49
Meditation in D BE00322 US$9.49
Melody in D flat (Op. 101/4) BE00369 US$6.99
Minuet & Trio in B minor BE00289 US$8.99
Minuet & Trio in D (Op. 104/3) BE00323 US$7.99
Mélodie in E minor (Op. 138/4) BE00288 US$6.49
Nocturne in A BE00290 US$8.99
Nocturne in D (Op. 142/1) BE00291 US$8.99
Nocturne in F (Op. 104/1) BE00525 US$7.99
Nuptial Postlude in F BE00324 US$8.99
Offertoire in D minor BE00376 US$9.49
Offertoire in F minor BE00576 US$8.99
Overture in F BE00325 US$11.49
Pastorale in C BE00373 US$8.99
Pastorale in F BE00292 US$8.49
Pastorale in F sharp minor BE00334 US$6.99
Pastorale in in G (Op. 101/1) BE00366 US$8.99
Polonaise in E minor BE00293 US$9.49
Postlude in B flat (Op. 101/5) BE00370 US$8.99
Postludium in G BE00294 US$8.99
Prelude Heroic (Op. 139/1) BE00535 US$9.49
Prelude and Fugue in G minor (1: Predude; 2: Fugue) BE00527 US$10.49
Processional March in A BE00377 US$8.99
Reverie in E flat BE00374 US$8.49
Rhapsodie in G minor (on “O filii et filiæ”) BE00539 US$9.49
Rhapsodie on Old French Carols (“A Minuit”, “Chartres” & “Le Fils du Roi”) BE00295 US$9.49
Rêverie in A (Op. 135/5) BE00326 US$6.49
Scherzo in A minor (Op. 138/3) BE00296 US$6.99
Scherzo in D (Op. 135/6) BE00297 US$9.49
Serenata BE00528 US$7.99
Sombre March (Marche sérieuse) in C minor BE00538 US$10.49
Sortie in A BE00380 US$8.99
Spring Song (Op. 113/1) BE00371 US$8.49
Theme (Varied) in G major BE00537 US$11.49
Theme and Variations in F (Op. 143) BE00536 US$10.49
Theme with Variations BE00298 US$9.49
Toccata in F major BE00393 US$11.49
Toccatina in G minor (Op. 128/4) BE00299 US$10.49
Two Communions (1: in A flat; 2: in B) BE00318 US$6.99
Wedding Chimes (Op. 183/2) BE00541 US$9.49
Henselt, George Martin Adolph von (1814-1889)
La Gondola (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00713 US$6.99
Kjerulf, Halfdan (1815-1868)
Wiegenlied (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00714 US$8.49
Kullak, Ernst (1855-)
Barcarolle (Op. 30) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00715 US$8.49
In Winter (Op. 31/3) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00716 US$6.99
Liszt, Franz (1811-1886)
Consolation in D flat (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00717 US$7.99
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Jakob Ludwig Felix (1809-1847)
On Wings of Music (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00718 US$6.99
Rubinstein, Anton Grigorievich (1829-1894)
Barcarolle (Op. 30) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00659 US$8.99
Mélodie in F (Op. 3) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00660 US$7.99
Romance (Op. 44/1) (arr. by William Faulkes) BE00661 US$7.99

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